Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mudbowl and Steals

Every year my Dad's side of the family plays an annual football game coined 'MudBowl'. This is the nineteenth year for it. It used to be played around Thanksgiving, but now Christmas time seems to work better with schedules. I have no idea how it got started, so if anyone knows please enlighten me!
last year
It used to be where we were all so fast and athletic and could run the field over and over again. As we have gotten older, things have slowed down just a bit. For example, as we were walking off the field this year, Philip was complaining he pulled his flexor muscle. I was limping, stating I thought my foot was broken. and my dad informed us he thinks he cracked a rib. we are getting old, people. 
But we weren't too sore to not enjoy our lunch prepared by Auntie Jo and consume all the calories we had burned off. After each game, we vote. It used to be for MVP. We buy a Nerf football and everyone who was there that year signs it. We vote and the winner gets to take the football home. Philip won it one year and it is displayed on our mantel:) We have switched from MVP to 'Best Sportsmanship Award'. (probably after Philip entered the picture and scored every touchdown) Joey won this year and so he got to take home the signed football:)
I will tell you who wasn't eligible for the sportsmanship award: my cousin Doug. He was assigned to prevent me from rushing the QB, and knocked me down so hard I couldn't breathe and had grass embedded in my hair. not nice. and JC was, well, JC, so that knocks him out of the running. And Emily's comments from the sidelines (although in favor of my team!) put her out of the running as well. Mom and AJ could have easily won, but cheerleaders don't typically get voted for. It was too cold for Emma to cheer us on, so she had to watch from inside:)
Anyway, I was hobbling around the ER yesterday at work whining about my broken foot and wound-tight hamstrings. Lucky for me I had a massage gift card from my Aunt Ellen, and they had an opening at 8, right after I got off work! best.massage.ever.

Today my Mom and I hit the after-Christmas deals. We decided this is way better than getting clothes on Christmas Day. We got some MAJOR steals and are both quite proud of the money we saved!!! Plus it was wonderful spending the day with just her:) We decided today that this will be an annual tradition.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 (a long one!)

It has been a crazy but absolutely perfect couple of days. 
Our Christmas celebrations started out at Aunt Ellen's on Friday. We spent the whole day there, snacking, opening presents and having so much fun. Aunt Ellen spoils us all every year. This year she played 'My favorite things' and filled Santa Bags full with her favorite products (the best being a red cast iron skillet!). She got us all kinds of handy cleaning supplies, storage containers, and other very inventive (and useful) items. She is our Little Santa! We stayed there for a delicious dinner and then she kicked us out and told us she wanted to take down her tree:)

That night Philip and I celebrated our Christmas together. Neither of us had a clue what the other had gotten them and so were both so excited to give each other presents:) So he made a fire, we opened some champagne and started our celebration! Philip had the best stocking to date this year. He finally mastered the concept of a 'stocking stuffer' not 'small presents in a stocking'. i loved each and every one of them and the thought behind them. 
As I was opening the first present he gave to me, I realized that it was a regulator (for scuba diving). So I handed him a present from me- a regulator as well! except his is green, mine is pink. same brand and everything though. I opened my next gift: a back up regulator. So I gave him his next present- a back up regulator. Then he opened his BCD, and I got my BCD after that. He tricked me each time though, saying ' ok that was the last scuba gift'. Because he also got me a dive computer and a bag that fits all my gear. HOW FUNNY. we were laughing so hard. And apparently everyone else was too. The couple that owns the dive shop thought it was 'so cute' that we were both in there for each other and keeping it a surprise. My mom went in there to get Philip some stocking stuffers and they were telling her how funny we were coming in to pick things out for each other:) Our parents thought it was funny too, since they all knew too.
So now we are all set for our Bonaire trip in February! 

The next morning we went to Richmond to spend the morning with his dad, his fiance and Brian. We had such a good time relaxing, more eating:), and spending time with them. and of course they boys got to play games:)

We went to Southland's Christmas Eve Service with my parents, brother and his wife Rachel. It was so good and perfect to put us in the right frame of mind. Jon reminded us to be the church, to go out and love one person as you want to love everyone. 
After that we went to Joy's where we got more yummy food and spoiled rotten. We had such a lovely night with her. 
Christmas Day was spent in Georgetown. That morning we had Christmas with mom, dad, matt and rachel (and Jackson). That's tradition for me, so even if it means getting up at 630, we stuck to it:)

We had time to watch home videos, four wheel and cook food to take to the soup kitchen for dinner. So relaxing and enjoyable. 
My Mom has been volunteering at a soup kitchen in georgetown and volunteered us to make the food and serve it on Christmas Day, since we were free that afternoon. That place is so awesome and the people that came in to eat were even more awesome. 
From there we headed to Grandma Wilhoite's where we had dinner and presents there. We played Dirty Santa this year, where everyone got a gift card to a different store and then a little present / clue to go with the card. My brother came up with the idea to just open the clue and try to figure out what the gift card was. For example, Rachel wrapped up a ruler. the gift card was to Subway (Five Dollar Foot Long!). Joey put 20 little nails in a baggy (leading you to think Lowes or somewhere). Nope- to Sally Hansen Nail Salon! The game got a little hectic because the boys got remote control helicopters so as soon as they were charged we lost all their attention. but it was fun nonetheless:)

That night Philip and I did something we had been talking about doing since Jon challenged us at church a few weeks ago. He asked Southland to 'be the church' on Christmas Day. To serve the community in acts of kindness. And what better day than on Jesus' Birthday to show someone how much He loves them. 
So we stopped at the Waffle House we used to meet with Robert, the minister who married us, and hopefully helped make a young waitress' Christmas a little better. 
It was the perfect ending to a very wonderful Christmas. I hope each of you had a Very Merry Christmas as well. My PCD has not set in, because I have been reminded of how blessed we are. and how grateful I am to that little baby that was born in a manger.

Friday, December 23, 2011

lights and more baking :)

Last night Philip and I took our annual drive through our neighborhood. Hartland has a contest every year for 'best in show' 'judges trophy' and 'best door'. The competition is fierce. So it is a lot of fun driving around and looking at all of the displays. We stop at The Daily Grind, get hot chocolate and then look at lights while we listen to Christmas music. It didn't hold quite the same appeal as years past, since it was pouring rain out. But it was still nice nonetheless:) It's one of my favorite traditions. And to make the trek a little easier, they emailed out the winners and their addresses this year. Vito and the GPS were a huge hit this year:)
One of the "less classy" decorations. my heroes.
I didn't get called in to work today (yay!). which lead to some more baking. a Wilhoite classic: ranch oyster crackers. 
To make these tasty snacks you need:
16 oz oyster crackers
1 pkg ranch dressing mix
1/2t lemon pepper
1 1/2 t dill weed
1/2t garlic powder
3/4 c oil
Combine ranch mix and oil. add everything else except crackers. pour mixture over crackers in bowl, stirring to coat. place in over @ 300degrees for 20 minutes. so yummy

Another little craft I made this season was an ornament out of our wedding invitation. I have been struggling to find something to do with our invitation, and this was the perfect solution! Thank you Pinterest and Ali for making this possible:

the best is you can shake it to make different words show up better
Today marks our first Christmas celebration.  we celebrate Budde Christmas at my Aunt Ellen's. I am so excited:)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Baking! and ramblings

My cousin Tiffany, who lives in GA, came in to stay with us for 2 nights! She was my role model growing up and I used to follow her around every time she came to visit. Now that we are older, I still look up to her- and we have such a special bond :) I loved spending time with her and wish her and her family lived closer. 

I have been wanting to try my hand at making homemade dog bones. I got a good recipe for some, and wanted to make them yesterday. She helped me mold them, and they turned out so good! Jackson loved them and I was able to give some to Bird and Shira for their boys as well. 

 to make them all you need is 2 cups whole wheat flour,1 tbsp baking powder, 1 cup smooth peanut butter, 1cup milk and 1/2 cup oatmeal. you mix together, knead, roll out, and cut them into bone shaped shaped cookies. Then you bake at 375 for 20 minutes. 

Today I am working on some more Christmas baking to take to Philip's family for Christmas. Crystal made these for her party and I got the recipe because they were so good. 
all you need for these yummy bites are:
 you placed the Rolo on the pretzel, bake at 300 for 4 minutes, then squish a pecan halve in the middle and let them cool! so easy and so yummy. 

Last night we had our annual Christmas Dinner with Bird and Shira. It was so nice catching up and getting to spend time with them. It is so crazy that the next time we see them Lily be here! 

It's almost Christmas! .. which is crazy to me because it was 60 degrees yesterday. i mean, where is the snow?! seriously. but anyway- part of me doesn't want Christmas to come. because it will fly by, and be over. and then my PCD sets in (post-christmas-depression). I know- I'm crazy. 

Here's to a day of baking, cleaning, and hoping I don't called in to work :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

White Elephant

Saturday night, my cousin JC and Crystal had everyone over for a White Elephant Christmas Party. See the post from last year about the Wilhoite White Elephant. It can get interesting that's for sure:)
So we all piled in their house and ate all kinds of yummy foods (thank you for cooking!) We passed Emma around, drank some spiced tea, told some Christmas jokes (ok just me told the jokes)... then we got the game going. It was so funny. I mean, sometimes you just think 'who would even manufacture something like that?' or 'what the he&* am I going to do with this?'  those are the best gifts I think.

don't get me smarted on these two gifts. let's just say it was the funniest ones.

toothbrush that sings Justin Beiber. for two full minutes. the recommended time to brush!

mushroom out of Matt and Rachel's yard
wonder who wrapped this one up??? @JC

Needless to say my husband has been parading around the house in this fancy number shown above. For some reason he loves it.
oh, and Jax loved it too.