Friday, February 15, 2013

2 week check up

Happy 2 weeks to our sweet baby girl!!

She had her 2 week check up today. i have been anxiously awaiting this appointment. Breast feeding can get a little stressful because you can't actually see how much milk they are getting. you just have to go off of how many wet/dirty diapers they are having and if you think they are gaining weight. but there is nothing better than having the doctor tell you that you are doing a great job and that she is growing perfectly. :) I was a happy momma leaving today. (unlike her first dr appt when he told me her bilirubin was doubled and I needed to supplement until my milk came in. i cried and felt like a failure). Lucky for me my husband is amazing and has been so encouraging. he tells me all the time how good I am doing and how good ainsley is doing because of me. I have no idea how I could have dealt with my worries, emotions and fears without him being there to listen and encourage me. 

stats: 20 1/4 length (45 percentile) 
7 lbs 12 oz ( 28 percentile) but above her birth weight! 
head 35 cm (24 percentile) 
look at my belly!
Ainsley is growing great she is just on the petite side:) 
He told me to let her sleep at night until she wakes me up. for the first week and half we did every 3 hour feedings and then the past 2 nights we went to 4 hour (just at night). so we will see how tonight goes, I am sure I will still wake up every hour to check on her, but we will see how long she goes until she gets hungry. 

so here's to hopefully getting some better sleep around this house, for all 3 of us:) 

Oh, Happy Valentines Day!! (a day late)

Friday, February 8, 2013

One Week!

This time last week I had my epidural in and we were just waiting on Ainsley to make her appearance! 
I will save her 'birth story' for another post. Today is just a little update to say hi. and tell you we are head over heels in love. but just a few birth pics to celebrate:)

She had to go to the nursery after she was born due to her taking a big gulp of amniotic fluid. Her Daddy carried her there and said she just stared up at him the whole time. 
taken in his arms

And she had a welcoming committee waiting on her:) 

Anyway, enough about that day. Like I said I will get into that another time. I do want to thank her fabulous family who spent a long day waiting for her to get there:) 

Philip and I have settled in pretty well at home. We have been so blessed and have had so many family members and friends bring us dinner and take care of things for us. We have been able to take the time to enjoy our little squirt and take care of her and our new family. 

Her bilirubin was elevated at first but is now back to normal (6 on sunday then up to 12 on monday. remained 12 on tuesday then thursday he said 'she looks great no need to get more blood) . yay! :) 

She has had her newborn pictures taken and they are going to be awesome, I can't wait for you all to see them. (thank you Robin Allen Photography!) 
a break between 'posing'
I feel like we are constantly just staring at her and talking about how perfect she is. and laugh at the faces she makes. and noises she makes. and then take pictures of them. and then text the pictures to family. man she is so cute though. the first night in the hospital we just sat in the bed with her looking at every little detail of her. 

Not only am I so in love with our beautiful daughter, but I have fallen so much more in love with my wonderful husband. Watching him with her has been one of the best parts of this week for me. He is amazing with her. He has been amazing to me. He has taken such good care of both of us in ways I never thought he would. I am one smitten girl right now:) 

I will update more soon, just wanted to check in and say hi :)