Thursday, May 24, 2012

2 (or 14) years old!

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!!!
His birthday was actually on Tuesday but we celebrated today. Because we may or may not have forgotten on the actual day (oops!). I realized it yesterday and since we were both off today this worked out better anyway:)
We took him to Bluegrass Barkery to get his birthday cake and birthday toy. He loved it:) 
The people are Bluegrass Barkery took his 'birthday picture' and posted it on their facebook page. cute idea, but we couldnt get jackson to sit still long enough! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Speed Demon

Things have been quite 'speedy' lately in our family. 
Philip convinced me to let him get his dream car a little earlier than we had planned (most of you who know me, know how much of a feat this was). I know this is something that he has been dreaming of since he was little. He said he has always thought that when under-grad, medical school and residency was under his belt- he would be able to get his lusted-after sports car. So I am happy and excited for him :)
For his birthday I got him a day at Kentucky Speedway to drive a race car. I planned it for this past Sunday since i knew we were both off that day. We got to drive the new car up to the speedway for his big day:) 
we made it!

getting suited up
part of his 'classroom training'

and he's off!
He said he loved it. His max speed was 142.7. which is crazy because from the stands it did not look like he was going that fast. 

his 'graduation packet' with speeds for each lap
On the way home I got to drive the GTR for the first time:) It was more fun than I thought it would be, but I dont think Philip enjoyed me driving as much as I did:)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend Philip and I were both off. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. that never happens! we were so excited to get to be a typical married couple for the weekend:)

Friday night my Grandma B took us all to Japanese for Philip's birthday dinner. She always takes us out to the birthday person's choice of restaurant to celebrate. I love this tradition. Especially when i get to pick. Because when I pick there is no seafood involved. unlike my brothers birthday. ew. 

Saturday was derby and we headed out to Keenland to tailgate. We met up with several friends and enjoyed the day of clouds and sun. We didnt win any money, but Philip did come home with a new pair of shorts and sandals he purchased at the gift shop. His suits pants and long sleeve button up were a little much in the KY humidity. :) (why didn't we take any pics?!)

That night we got to celebrate Kim graduating from nursing school. I am so excited because Kim landed a job in the ER and will be working with me! I can't wait for her to start in July. neither can her husband :) haha

Sunday we were lazy during the day and grilled out that night. Whitney came over to eat with us and we loved getting to see her. her mom commented to my mom how 'our babies have grown up'. she thought it was hilarious that I was making dinner for Whitney. i sort of think it is too. when did we get so old?! Anyway, she is now back to FL and that makes me sad. 

Sunday is Mother's Day and Philip and I are having everyone over to our house. We are going to grill out and Rachel is helping me make sides. Wish me luck! :) 

some random pictures because I know pictures are more fun than words:

my boys:)
its officially summer- jax has been in his sprinkler