Friday, November 29, 2013


I wish I had done the '28 day of Thanksgiving'. Not necessarily on fb, but for my own benefit. I think listing your blessings makes your heart more grateful. I think praising God for everything, everything can change your whole being in an amazing way. My mom sends out daily devotionals and this was in the one on Thanksgiving day (if you haven't read this book you really should) : 
"In her classic autobiography, The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom tells of the time she and her sister went through Nazi inspections at a death camp. They were forced to suffer the humiliation of taking off their clothes. Corrie stood in line feeling forsaken, defiled, and desperate for answers. Suddenly she remembered that when He hung on the cross, Jesus too was naked.
During that seemingly degrading moment, Corrie was struck with a great sense of awe and worship to God. In her amazement of His holiness, she leaned forward and whispered to her sister, "Betsie, they took His clothes, too."  
Betsie gasped and said, "Oh, Corrie, I never thanked Him for that."  "
With that in mind, I am making an effort to be more of a thankful person. 
Our biggest blessing this year: 
We could not be more thankful for this sweet baby. 
Yesterday we went to Richmond to visit with Philip's Dad and brother. Ainsley got lots of play time and snuggles. From there we took the whole fam (Jax included) to my parents in Georgetown. We hung out and helped cook and then feasted that evening. The food was so so yummy as always. Ainsley got lots of QT with more of her sweet family.

santa hat made by GG 
In case you can't tell, Ainsley LOVES books. like will play with them and 'read' more than with toys. 
On our way home we dropped off plate'S' of food to Joy who had to work last night. Hope her dinner was just as yummy in the nurses station! 

I somehow convinced philip to let us put up the tree before thanksgiving. (that's usually his rule). But I argued thanksgiving was later than normal and so I was missing a whole week of christmas decorations! he caved-- yay!!! 
Ainsley's decorations in her room 
sorry she's naked, she was in the middle of putting on pjs when we turned her tree on and she started clapping for it
our annual tradition of drinking champagne as we put up tree 
and then make the cork into an ornmanet
ooh, a tree I can play with! 
a snowball made by daddy is the best remedy for a tooth coming in
Philip is off for a few days and we just love having him home with us. 
Tonight we are headed downtown for the lighting of the Christmas tree. So excited for this Christmas season to start!!! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Friday morning we left for New Orleans for my good friend Hunter's wedding. We planned this trip months ago. And it was the first 'weekend away' from Ainsley. I was so so anxious to leave her. But it turned out just fine and she had a blast at Nana and Pops. 
We stayed right on Bourbon Street in the middle of the madness. Being on Bourbon Street taught me many things. The two main ones being 1) I am too old for that city 2) Ainsley will not be going to New Orleans until she is at least 35. I knew it was going to be crazy, but I didn't realize exactly how crazy. There was a Saints game there that weekend so that contributed to the chaos. I was amazed at the things women would do for a cheap string of plastic beads.  and I was saddened by the people who stood on the streets dressed/not dressed doing 'acts' for money. It was very interesting and just crazy (for lack of a better word). And while Philip and I are so glad we went and saw all there was to see, it is not somewhere I could spend more than a weekend. 
The first night there we just walked around and explored. We went to Dicky Brennan's Steakhouse and it was pretty good, then just walked bourbon st and toulouse. 
Saturday morning we had brunch at The Court of Two Sisters. It was one of the oldest places in NOLA and the buffet and atmosphere was awesome. my favorite meal of the trip.  we took a hop on/off bus around town and got away from Bourbon Street. Seth and Philip went to the World WarII museum and Erin and I went shopping. I had the best doughnut of my life at a place called 'The District'. That night was the meet/greet hosted by Drew's mom. It was at Oceana Grill and the New Orleans food was yummy. Jambalaya, Crawfish Etufe, Red Beans and Rice, and Pralines. 
The red Beans and rice were the best I have had:) 
after that we just hung out on Bourbon Street. 

The next morning we we got up and got coffee and beignets (my favorite food there by far!) and then went to the fleamarket and other outdoor shops. 
We got Po Boys for lunch overlooking bourbon street and then took a carriage ride around town.
 The wedding was Sunday night at the House of Blues. It was outside and so so pretty and unique. It was so clear how in love Hunter and Drew are. 
After the wedding everyone followed the bride and groom in a parade waving white handkerchiefs. it's apparently a New Orleans tradition. They had a live jazz band at the beginning of reception. it was soo fun!! After the reception we (well the 'younger ones') went down to bourbon st. Hunter went out in her wedding dress, knowing full well it would get ruined and not really caring:) It was a fun (but short lived) night out for Hunter;) 

Hunter on stage
bride and groom

It was such a fun weekend. We had a great time with Erin and Seth. I couldn't have been gone from Ainsley any longer than we were. But having her meet us at the airport was one of the sweetest moments for me:) I missed her so so much. 
Here are some random pics from the weekend. My innocent little eyes were opened a little farther... :)
scary 'statue' that you barely noticed until she tapped your shoulder

getting a 'lucky dog'

some random guy gave her a plastic shark  

hilarious guy who showed his 'boobies' to everyone. every night. right in front of out hotel.
late night pizza and hot dogs! 
morning road clean up

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I have never minded germs too much. I have always dealt with them at work and my body usually fights them off pretty well. But now that we have Ainsley I am SO annoyed with all these germies she picks up! Last week she somehow got a stomach virus that knocked her down for a few days. She was so so pitiful and puny. Like i would put her down to play and she would just lay her head on the ground. :( Then of course I get it times two. Thankful for Philip, my mom and aunt ellen who helped me take care of A while I was unable to. I mean I was so sick I thought I might be pregnant. thank the heavens, I'm not. But it did make us both pause and think 'how in the world will we have another kid and me be this sick?!'. food for thought for us right now. 

Anywho, let's talk about Ainsley's first Halloween!!!
She was the CUTEST bumblebee ever. 
Trick or treating got moved from thursday to Friday because of wind and storms. But we decided to still celebrate with our friends The Stearleys. We went to their house and ate dinner then took the kids to the KY horse park where they were having indoor trick or treating. supposedly. 
WHAT A BUST. there were hundreds of people there, and not a thing going on! The vendors were just passing out candy at their booths but ran out 30 minutes in. I felt so bad for the sweet kids who were so excited to get candy and didn't. A didn't seem to mind either way:) 

Ainsley and her boyfriend Tate, a dalmation! 

sitting in her candy bucket

we ran into Jeff/Sarah and Matt/Michelle! 
Emma loves Ainsley :)

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! next year will be way better for Ainsley:) 
We are on the mend, I feel like Ainsley and I just pass germs back and forth over here. Sweet Aunt Ellen came over saturday night to help me out and ended up getting a touch of it herself:( 
Luckily my mom is superwoman who is immune to all of it and can help us all out! 

Wash your hands people. Get your flu shot. or don't, but don't come near us if not haha:)