Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Party 2014

The Fifth Annual Overall Christmas Party was a success! It was the first one in our new house. Every year I get so mad at myself for not taking pictures. ugh. I can honestly say this year has been the least work I have put into the party:( I just feel like having a toddler/hurricane changes everything and makes things a little more challenging. Thank you for those who offered to help :)
I am loving the chicken finger platter at Cane's though. Second year in a row and it's always a hit. 
It did help having this sweet little helper though:) 
Ok, so onto the spread. 
christmas veggie tree, of course 
chocolate dipped oreos 
jalapeño bacon cheese ball, requested by Philip  
homemade Chuy's jalapeño ranch dip, again requested by hubs 
napkins from Joy :) 
gingerbread tree made by nana, decorated by Ainsley 
Between chasing Ainsley, hosting, bouncing from downstairs to upstairs, I didn't take any pics. If I get any from family, I will add in though! 
I did plan a little secret for Philip though. He wanted our Christmas lights to be the best in the neighborhood. So much so, that my dad really thought he was in a competition when they were putting  up the lights. In our old neighborhood, they judge christmas lights and give awards to the houses that win. The houses get a sign in their yard and we drive around every year and ooh and ahh at the houses that win. So I made Philip his own sign this year. I had planned to put it out before all the guests arrive, and when someone asked him about it, him be like 'what sign?'. 
Weelllll, he ruined it. I hid the sign in my car so I could sneak it into yard easier. Well, he went to run an errand right before party and took my car. seeing the sign and figuring what I had done. :( A for effort I guess. 
We loved having everyone to our new house and getting to just spend time with family. It is always a little hectic and chaotic, but worth it:) we had such a good time and hope everyone that came did too! 
excuse the bare feet 
* we tried a family picture and ainsley was not having it. I'm so sad at my lack of picture documentation! * 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Santa's Here!

We knew meeting Santa this year might be a little different than last year. I mean, you can't get more cute than this one: 
My friends Jordan and Alison have "Santa and Cookies" every year at their work. I sort of invited myself this year, since it went so well last year:) 
We had been practicing with Ainsley and she has been saying "Santa. HO HO HO". But the minute we sat that child on Ol' St. Nick's lap, she was not happy. 
He even gave her a candy cane and she was still in tears. Once I grabbed her back though, candy cane in tow, she said 'Thank you Santa'. :) silly girl.
After that, she got to decorate and inhale a cookie,  which she much more enjoyed. 
Then, we let them run amuck. get that sugar out of your system:) 
avery is so happy! 
Overall the night was a success. despite the 3 seconds on Santa's lap. 
Here are some more pics from our week!
someone had been in the ornaments. Philip found this. 
setting up her manager from grandma 
Southland had a Christmas Party for Life group facilitators and Uncle Bri came with us! 
loves her cousin Anna Beth. and doesn't like for her to be sad. here have your paci. 
playing music with Uncle Steve (who she was enamored with) at GGs 
catching up on Elmo 
checking out Santa 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Decor

As I write this, this is my view: 
not too shabby, huh? :) it is my happy place right now. 

After having a sick little girl for the past week she is finally back to her happy playful self. Thank you to all who helped and prayed! 
It is so awful, pitiful, heartbreaking, frustrating and exhausting when your little one is sick. BUT all is well now, and praying she can stay well for the rest of this winter. 

Now, onto the decorations! I took pics of my favorite things. I think I got them all. but maybe not. theres so much ! and I love each one :) 
My Dad and Philip spent ALL DAY putting up our outside lights. It was probably not the most fun task, but so worth it. well, for me at least:) 
this literally makes my heart happy. 
So this was Monday. That night, Philip and I put up the tree. We got a new taller one this year, and got one that advertised 'if one light is out it won't affect the rest of the tree!'. Philip was like 'SOLD!'. anyway, we got the tree up and I had started putting ornaments up, when we realized two whole sections of the tree were not lit up. He tried everything, and they wouldn't come on. He promised to box it up and return it for me, and have a new one before I got home from BSF the next morning. I was devastated. 
take one. not the tree we have now. 
Our annual tradition is to drink champagne while decorating the tree. Then take the cork and write the year and make it into an ornament. He had the champagne all ready when we realized the tree didn't work. He asked me if I wanted to to drink it and I refused. I was so sad and I wanted to wait until we had our fully lit tree. So the next night, we got to work and decorated the tree! 
I can't show some of the pictures because they are on our christmas cards and I don't want to ruin the surprise:) 
wooden nativity around downstairs tree 
so much awesome in this picture. my new favorite clock from Aunt Loyale that chimes a different christmas carol every hour. a handmade tree of ainsley's handprints. Buddy the Elf. a nativity set from my Mom. our stockings. and my new idea to display christmas cards on each side of mantle.  
clip the cards down burlap on each side of mantle 
Philip bought me a burlap tree for the bay window in kitchen 
thanks momma:) 
Nanny and Pop made Rachel and I 'Mistletoes' out of our girls feet! so cute. Ainsley sees it and said "ainsley's feet!" 
of course, the christmas box! it's ainsley's this year and she loves opening it every morning. 
my 'bride tree'. i love this one a little extra. 
Buddy the Elf has returned. Ainsley doesn't really get it this year, but she knows his name. and she's so observant that she notices his new hiding place in the morning. but we aren't getting crazy or creative at all this year. 
eating her fruit chews from her christmas box and wondering why buddy is in her car. 
day 2, Nanny hid in her kitchen. she found it without me knowing, and I found poor Buddy like this. 
You all know i LOVE Christmas. it is my absolute most favorite time of the year. I love having our inside decorated and our outside lit up. Being in our new home and sharing it with Ainsley has just made this year so much better. 

Next weekend is our annual Overall Christmas Family Party. Excited for that and getting to spend time with everyone.