Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter:) I hope you had time to be with your family. and I hope you had time to reflect on what Easter really means. That Christ conquered the grave! 

"Why do you seek the living from among the dead? He is not here, but is risen!" Luke 24:5-6

Last night my parents, Matt and Rachel came to lexington to meet me at my church for Easter service. Philip had to work but I really wanted to go to church. So they lovingly came up and met Ainsley and I:) Then we went to dinner after. Ainsley slept through the whole service. which cracked me up. Because Jackson can shake his head and his 'ear flapping' wakes her up. but music that was loud to my ears, she sleeps through. * i'm not complaining* :)

Today we went to my parents for Easter lunch. Philip's mom and brother came and it was so good to enjoy the day with everyone. Mom made a delicious ham and we all got to enjoy a wonderful meal together. 
table set! 
Easter basket from us
Philip going on 2 hours of sleep to spend her first Easter with her
Ainsley's favorite Aunt

Easter favors from Mom
Thanks for making me my bib GG! 
loves her GREAT aunt ellen
master chef
loves uncle brian
Pop taught her all about March madness today
Easter basket from Grandma Joy :)
The morning started off rainy and nasty but turned into a pretty spring day. We had a great day visiting with family and getting to spend time together as our family of 3. Philip has worked a long stretch of night shifts and today was the first time we have gotten to see him in almost 5 days. feeling blessed and loving quality time:)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


First overnight trip: success! 
We left Friday afternoon with my car and philips car loaded up. 
race tires, stroller. thats normal right?:) 
We dropped Jackson off on the farm and got on the way. Since we had to take 2 cars, we had walkie talkies to communicate with each other. It was way easier than cell phones and much less dangerous. Philip made me pick a 'handle' and taught me trucker lingo like referring to cops as 'smokies'. We stopped to eat dinner and feed Ainsley at Skyline:) She slept pretty much the whole way which made me so nervous about sleeping that night. We got to the hotel around 10 that night which was perfect for her feeding schedule. I fed her while Philip changed his tires. We put her in her Rock-N-Play, turned on her sound machine and baby girl proceeded to sleep 9 hours. she is a ROCK.STAR. 

That morning us girls met Philip at Putnam Park Race Track after we both woke up and got ready. It was a little chilly in the morning so beanie and I hung out in the clubhouse. The second floor is all windows and you can see the whole track from there. and it was heated. we were happy girls:) 
When I say 'race' it technically isn't racing against other drivers. You are racing against yourself and your own times. That being said, you do pass other cars around the track and it becomes obvious who the fastest car and driver are. After being there and watching Philip race, I can confidently say my husband is a bad a$$. Him and Godzilla (the GTR) were the fastest out there. People were always coming up to him to talk about his car, his tires, etc. cracked me up. 

what doesnt fit in this picture 
getting strapped in 
hey hottie
his car around the track

strapped in like daddy
his garage for the day
It was fun to get to watch Philip race his car. A little nerve wracking, especially when he fishtails at 140 mph. but it is something he loves doing. and it is nice to be involved with that. As our preacher says 'be interested in what the person you love is interested in'. jon is so smart. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

must love dogs

Happy Friday!!!
Ainsley loves fridays!!!
Last post I told you I was making corned beef hash for St Patty's Day. It turned out great!!! 

Philip kept saying he was so proud of me (obviously I havent cooked much since we had a baby haha!)  He gets this meal a lot when we go on vacation and he said this was way better than any he had ever had! Papal would have been proud too :) we both agreed the fried egg made this dish. 

Ainsley is doing great! 7 weeks today!!! 
She is smiling a lot more and starting to make noises (more than her squeaks and grunts). we call her squeaker because this child squeaks in her sleep. reason #24 we moved her to her nursery at a month old:) 

She is sleeping between 7-9 hours at night. usually 7. ( we realize how lucky we are, trust me)

We are taking our first road trip this weekend. Philip is racing at Putnam Park in Indy on Saturday. Since he worked the past 3 nights and this would be another day and a half he would be away from us, he asked us to come with him:) My list of things to pack for just one night with an infant is already out of control:) I realize it will be hectic and chaotic and maybe stressful at times- but here goes nothing! It means a lot to philip we are going to watch him and be a part of something he loves doing. Ill let you all know how it goes:) Jackson is going to Nana and Pops to play on the farm and he couldnt be more excited. 
lazy sunday
One afternoon Philip went out to run errands and came home with a stuffed dog for Ainsley. he said she had to have it. We laid it on the swing with her and when we came back to check on her she was holding his paw:)

hello Wags
not staged
must love dogs. she is going to fit right in;) 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patty's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Ainsley celebrated by sleeping TEN HOURS STRAIGHT last night. girls likes her sleep like her parents. I am not confident that this sleep pattern will continue, but it sure is nice for now! Everyone keeps telling me the first child always sleeps good, and then the second shows you how awful it can be;) guess we will have to wait and see on that one. We have gotten very luck with her though, overall she is a really good baby. 

Yesterday it was 70 degrees. we enjoyed a walk at the park with my friend Erin and her boys.
 this morning Philip drove home from work in a wintery mix of rain/snow. crazy weather! 

I told you she is starting to smile and I caught a few of them this morning! she is always happiest in the morning. and after getting a full nights sleep so is momma!


Also, Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Aunt Whitney! Welcome to the 30 club. Ainsley even signed your birthday card. she's a genius. (check your mail!) 
Her Daddy wants to make her a lefty like him. 
To celebrate, I am attempting corned beef hash (an Irish meal). And my mom told me that Grandpa loved it, how perfect!! 

Friday, March 15, 2013


Let me just say I LOVE being home with Ainsley and getting to take care of her. However- I'm going a little stir crazy. The weather teased us for a few days with sunshine and almost 70 degree weather. then we woke up to snow wednesday morning. crazy kentucky weather. I love winter, but am ready for it to warm up so i can take baby girl on walks around the neighborhood. And she has some awesome summertime clothes I can't wait to get her in:) 

As much as I am dreading it, I am ready for her to get her shots so I can feel more comfortable taking her out to public places. We had to reschedule her 2month appointment so philip could come. there is no way I am holding her to get shots. 
fed,happy and ready for bed
Mom and I did take her to the mall today and it went so well! We took the elevators to get to the different floors and A pretty much slept the whole time. somehow she still managed to get herself several outfits though;) every time i take her out i feel more confident. 

Philip and I took her on her first walk to the park this week. Jackson got to come and get in the pond, so the whole family was happy. 

I am thankful Ainsley is starting to be awake more, gives me someone to play with:) She is on the verge of smiling at me. she grins every now and then. I can tell she wants to smile, she just hasn't quite figured it out yet. 
visiting Aunt Ellen & GG
Sunday is St Patricks Day and also my late Papal's birthday. We used to always go to Red Lobster on his birthday. Thinking of you Papal, we miss you and love you.