Sunday, April 30, 2017

Philip turns 34!

Philip caught up to me in age this week (only a mere 7 months). We had an early birthday celebration at Uncle Steve and Aunt Teri's house the Saturday before. We had "make your own skewer" dinner and it was such a fun idea!
He worked the night before and the night of his birthday, so I tried to make it special in spite of that. I let the kids pick out balloons at meijer, and doughnuts to make a doughnut cake. We had wrapped presents weeks ago and Ainsley has been chomping at the bit to give him what she picked out (Luke skywalker legos). 
After we had breakfast with him, he went to bed. I had a cake ordered from a bakery on Morehead. They did a special key lime cake for me, and one of his coworkers picked it up for me and took to the department. I hid plates, napkins and forks in his trunk, and his coworker told him to go get them after he saw his cake:) 
Saturday night I made reservations for his favorite steakhouse. Mom and Dad kept the kids for us while we went out to celebrate. We were so stuffed I made him walk around triangle park so I could feel like I could breathe again. 
Sunday night Philips mom, brother, and SIL came over for a delicious meal of grilled out steaks, baked potatoes and key lime pie from Missy's (de-licious). 
We loved celebrating Philip and what a wonderful husband, friend and dad he is. Happy 34th Hubs!!! 

*Also on Saturday Ainsley had a double header in soccer. It was like 83 degrees out, middle of nap time, and she hates soccer to begin with. Here are just some pics of how much she enjoyed herself. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Life Lately

We have had a fun week over here:) 
Ainsley's school did their annual "muffins for moms" breakfast. She made me an adorable picture frame and we got to sit and have muffins together (at a tiny little table with Parker reaching for every muffin he saw). It was fun and always nice to see her friends from school. 
We spent some time playing outside, walking to the park, learning hopscotch, and riding around in Philips racecar. 
Mom got the girls all tickets to go see Disney on Ice this weekend. It was rainy Saturday but that didn't stop these princesses from donning their dresses and tiaras. They had snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, pretzels (so much sugar!) and so much fun. 
The Louisville zoo had a deal for Monday's in April where admission was only $5. My friend julie invited us to go with her and her kids (Liam and Ainsley are in preschool together and Julie and I became fast friends). It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a blast. Ainsley's favorite was the gorilla that came right up to the window so she could see him up close. 
Philip and I celebrated seven years of wedded bliss today:) we exchanged gifts yesterday because he spent the day racing his first chump car event (hence my trip to the zoo). I think it's fun to follow the traditional wedding gifts each year. And this year was copper. I got Philip a copper desk organizer for his new office at work. 
He made me this amazing picture of 7 copper pennies (2010-2016) in the shape of 7. He went to the bank and had 5 different cashiers going through their coins to find the right dated pennies. So sweet. And then while he was gone I got beautiful lavender roses and lilies delivered to the house. With a box of chocolates. I think I'll keep him;)
Ainsley thought it was so fun that I got PURPLE flowers brought to the door:) 
And we had Kim and the boys over for dinner while the dads were gone racing. Jack seriously loves playing dress up with A
 Life is crazy around here but also crazy fun. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

KK's Birthday Trip

One of Ainsley's best friends, Kalyn (KK) wanted to take 2 of her friends to great wolf lodge for her birthday, in lieu of a birthday party. It just so happens that Alison, Jordan and I are all best friends too;) 
Sunday afternoon after the baby brothers went down for a nap we loaded my car up and took off for Mason, OH! 
The car ride there was full of questions about when we would reach the tunnel, how much longer, and screaming contests. They were so excited when we finally made it and couldn't wait to get to the water park. 
We all left our phones in the hotel room so we didn't get any pictures playing inside. But the girls were much braver than we thought they would be. They did all the big slides , but refused to go down the one that "swirled you around the toilet bowl" again. We ordered pizza and ate inside the water park so the girls could get right  back to playing after dinner. 

That night we all put on our pajamas and hung out in the room eating junk food. 
There were 3 beds so we all slept with our daughters which was fun and not that restful :). The girls shouted good night to each other at least 10 times. Ainsley was the first one awake at 645 and keeping her quiet was a task I did not do successfully. I went and got everyone coffee and doughnuts and we were waiting for the doors to open to the water park:) 
They ran out of steam quick so we packed up, grabbed some lunch and they all passed out in the car within minutes. Ainsley slept about 20 minutes and then was up. So her and I were the only two awake on the trip home :) 
We were all tired but had a great time. We loved the one on one time we got to spend with our girls, since we all have younger sons too. 

Parker and Philip had a great time doing boy things back home:) 
Happy Birthday Sweet KK!!! Thank you for letting us celebrate you in such a fun way!