Monday, April 27, 2015

22 weeks, anniversary, kites!

Last weekend we had such a good weekend. Philip was off for a bachelor party weekend, but ended up being with us more than I thought he would be! 
We had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful :) 
Friday we took her to Monkey Joe's then out to lunch. 
Saturday we went to the Kite Fest at Jacobson Park. She (we) had a bag of kettle corn while we watched the kites fly. She got to play in the bubble tent and was not happy when we had to leave the bubbles to go home. 
That afternoon we had the sprinkler on to attempt to grow some grass in a few area- and she discovered the fun and pure joy of playing in the sprinkler. Too bad Jackson wasn't out front to play with her. We also got to put up her bird feeder she picked out :) 
The tantrums are becoming fewer and the time outs more spaced out. She is such a joy to be around each day and watch her learn so many new things. 

so- 22 weeks! 
baby this week: he is weighing in around ONE POUND! about the size of a small doll. he now has eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe some hair on his head:) he can see light and dark now. he is much more active than Ainsley was. of course my placenta is posterior this time, last time it was anterior and made it harder to feel her move. so maybe that's the difference? or maybe this kid just doesn't like to sleep like his sister does (please don't be true). 

me this week: I have had a pretty good week! some bouts of nausea but overall getting better. switching to gummy prenatal vitamins with no iron has definitely helped. hopefully the other lingering nausea will continue to get better! I gained several lbs this week, so clearly the nausea is getting better:) 

We also celebrated our anniversary on Friday. 5 years:) so hard to believe! The traditional gift for 5 years is wood. I got Philip a wooden wine rack with 'Overall set 2010' on it. It is hanging on the wall in the bar and looks great. He got me a beautiful wooden cross with a heart in the middle. And a new purse:) 
We were able to celebrate the day by going to Keeneland for the last day of races, then out to dinner to a new steakhouse in town called Tony's. P won some money on the last race which always makes the day better:) And dinner was delicious (and maybe a little pricey). 
and some pics from the week : 
loves stickers 
stickers on Jax 
birthday dinner for KK! 
how she eats when grandma Joy babysits haha!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

21 /anatomy scan

Big week this past week. We had our anatomy scan on Tuesday. and Sunday night, Philip felt the baby move for the first time! We were on the back porch looking at old pictures and he was quite active. He finally felt him and was so happy :) 

At the ultrasound, just like his sister, he had his legs crossed at the ankles and had his hands over his face the whole time:) I was glad to confirm he is still a boy:) the doctor said his heart, brain and bones all look good. I have been so worried about his little heart because of some of the medicine I have been taking for vomiting (even though everyone including my OB and Philip have assured me IT IS FINE- I still worry). She counted ten fingers and ten toes. his little spine looked good. he was laying sideways. 

We saw one of the other doctors in the practice this time, and he was a little concerned about me still being so sick. He said 'you really should be past this now'. i was like 'um, agreed. fix it'. he gave me several things to try, things to cut out of my diet, OTC meds to take, to try and get this nausea under control. So refreshing that he cared enough to try and help. My last OB was always like "aw, you're still sick? tsk tsk". He told me if he had to be that sick during pregnancy he would be one and done. I told him after this one, my uterus was retiring! 

baby this week: he is as big as a banana. my app says around 11 oz, but he measured 14 at ultrasound. eek! He is swallowing amniotic fluid now and developing his taste buds. He's probably like "did mom really just eat pickles at 10am ?" yep lil buddy, I did. 

me this week: like i said we are trying some different things to try to help with the nausea. at work on monday I had to leave in the middle of triaging two different patients to throw up. embarrassing for all of us involved really. i spent the last two hours of my shift trying to get patients triaged while leaning over the trash can and toilet. the best part about it was I felt so awful leaving work but when I passed a McDonald's on the way home, my body had to have french fries. they were the best fries I have ever had. they didn't taste as good coming back up an hour later- but it was worth it. 
anyway- I am not gaining too much weight but the doctor said as long as I had gained since last visit it was ok. 

cravings: french fries. all things salty. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

20 weeks- halfway!

20 weeks!  
Baby this week: he is the size of a mango, about 10 ounces. I feel like he has grown a LOT this week based on my belly size. He is pretty active in there! I'm hoping he has been active enough to flip- last time we saw him he was breech so hoping at ultrasound on Tuesday he is other way around:) 

Me this week: the nausea continues to improve! I wish I could say it was gone but it IS getting better. Right now my worst time is the morning and late at night. Still taking diclegis at night and zofran prn- but trying really hard not to take zofran if I can help it. 
Was really good about exercising this week (I have to say this because every day is an accomplishment for me and i'm proud of myself). 

Our week
Our sweet Ainsley got her stitches out and did awesome with it. Laid perfectly still while Philip cut each one out. I even saved one for her (non existent) baby book (aka a drawer of stuff). 
Some more pics from our week ! 
a walk with Daddy and Sven
blow drying her hair "like a big girl" she said 
fun day at Keeneland!

Monday, April 6, 2015

dentist, stitches, EASTER !

Shew- what a week! 
It was spring break for Fayette County, so a lot of our normal activities were off for the week. no school for ainsley on tues/thurs. no BSF on wednesday. lots of friends out of town. so we were already out of routine a bit:) 

Tuesday, I took A to the dentist for her first dental visit. The pediatrician recommended taking her sometime this summer- so we figured we might as well take her now before life gets crazy with two. 
she did so good:) she opened her mouth and let the dentist do her exam. it helped there was a TV facing the seat:) when she was done she asked for a sucker. i'm sure they loved that. she did get a bouncy ball though:) 
her reward: McD's. hence the BigMac week for me 
We also discovered Frozen this week. None of us had seen it before, so we watched it. We were both surprised how into it she got. When Anna fell down a mountain she screamed "oh no oh no oh no!". But who was her favorite character: Sven the reindeer. So of course her Daddy ordered her a stuffed Sven (she is obsessed with stuffed animals right now). she took him everywhere that day. 
Thursday was Philip's only full day off, and it rained most of the day. We decided to take her to the Newport Aquarium for something fun to do. she loves it there and we were hoping to sneak lunch in at the Hafbraus House:) It was pretty packed, seems lots of people had the same idea (spring break + rain = aquarium apparently). but we had a good time despite the crowd. and did make it to Hafbraus for lunch:) 
Friday morning Ainsley and I had plans to go to the Mom's group that meets once a month. while I was in the shower, she fell and busted her chin on the tile in our bathroom. her falling is not an uncommon occurrence. the blood and gaping wound on her chin, was something new. I sort of freaked out. I begged P to just glue it closed but he said it was too deep. He informed me he was going to stitch her up himself (my anxiety is rising just reliving this). I wanted to take her to UK, which sort of insulted him. but I just wanted an extra pair of hands to help hold her down. Ideally I wanted to take her to UK and have him sew her up there. but it doesn't work that way.P did not want a resident he didn't know stitching her up and possibly doing a bad job. and I didn't either. I know how good he is at stitches- I saw him in action in residency. I had full confidence in his ability to sew her up the best of anyone. My confidence however, faltered at me having to be the nurse not the mommy and hold her down while he did it. So the dining room table became the stretcher. headlamp on my husbands head, we wrapped her in a sheet like we do at work to hold her arms down. He numbed her chin up and once that kicked in, he stitched her up. I was so afraid she would associate him with being the 'bad guy' but she went right to him when it was over. after each stitch she cried 'all done??' it was so pitiful. Every day since then, she has told everyone 'i have a boo boo' and when they look at her chin she says "daddy fixed it!". her hero:) mine too actually. 
frozen, again
that night-- back to normal! 
So anyway, I am still traumatized from the event. Would have loved a glass of wine that night (maybe a valium?!). but we survived. just praying it doesn't scar- she's too young for a scar on her perfect face:( 

That was the start to our Easter weekend. and of course philip worked fri sat sun (back to 12 hour shifts). it always seems to happen that way! but i managed to keep her from busting her chin back open, thank you Jesus:) 

Saturday morning we went to Mallard Point (my parents neighborhood) for their Easter Egg Hunt. Before that we dyed eggs at NannyPop's house. 
playing with Emma 

Saturday afternoon we went to our friend Jordan's house for a Egg hunt at her house :) Her friends were there and she had such a good time playing with them. I chased her around like a nervous hen making sure she didn't fall again. But seriously- it is near impossible to contain this hurricane of a child! 
Sunday morning, the Easter bunny waited to come until Philip got home from work:) 
Then, we went to church and then to my parents for easter lunch. A was not having her best day (sorry for those affected). She did however get to do her last egg hunt at Aunt annie's. she has the eggs color coded for each girl and they all find their designated egg color, filled with treats ! 
We tried to simplify Easter for her telling her it meant 'Jesus is Alive'. she repeated 'Jesus is Alive' but not sure she really understood it yet. It warms our hearts watching her learn about Jesus though. she asks us to pray every night before dinner:) 

Last Saturday, we went to Philip's Dad's neighborhood for their Egg Hunt (she got lots of practice this year). 
and last Sunday we celebrated Easter at his mom's house. She made yummy food and the Easter Bunny came for all of us!  Brian's girlfriend Lindsay even made A an Easter basket (so sweet!). somehow I didn't get any pics of her that night (i was feeling pretty rotten so was off my game). 

Annnndd-- that was our week. Eventful, tearful, family-filled, traumatizing, but so blessed. So thankful for so many things and people God has blessed us with. But more than anything, just so thankful that God sent His Son to save us. 

Hope Everyone had a Happy Easter!