Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baby Moon #2

It took some convincing, but Philip got to me realize we needed a little trip, just the two of us, before Parker comes. We took a little beach trip to the Bahamas when I was pregnant with Ainsley. I was 20 weeks at that time (read here) , and 27 this time. This time we went to Key West, FL.  I would recommend going earlier- those extra weeks (and pounds) are rough;)
 It was much needed relaxation and quality time though. We missed A so much-- but at the same time it was nice to be husband and wife for several days. 
We left earrrllyy Monday morning (thanks to Gramma Joy sleeping over and Aunt Ellen getting up at the crack of dawn to take us to airport). But by the time we were in ATL ainsley was just getting up and starting her day:) We made it to Key West by 1130 and were able to have almost a full day walking Duval Street and even laying on the beach for a bit. We got to FaceTime with Ainsley once she made it to NannyPop's house and she was so excited and having so much fun. 
Tuesday morning Philip had a dive planned. He dove a wreck called the Vandenberg which he has been very excited about. He actually said it was the best wreck dive he has ever done. And he went deeper than he has ever gone before. He came back pretty happy. 
 Since I couldn't join him, he suggested I go to the the spa at our resort and get a massage. That didn't take much convincing:) So I walked with him to his dive shop then continued on by myself to the end of Duval Street where I had breakfast at the 'southern most cafe' overlooking the ocean. I drank my decaf, ate my fruit, and texted with Whitney. I walked back in time to spend an hour at the pool then head to my massage. 
we spent the afternoon at the beach then went to the pier for what they call 'sunset celebration'. they have different performers set up doing tricks ; sword swallower, unicyclist, kitty cat jumping through fire, etc. Then we walked to dinner at a fun place on the opposite pier. Then we found the most amazing ice cream shop EVER. with the best ice cream. and cookies as big as your head. And since it was a 'must see' place, we stopped in Hog's Breath Saloon to have a beer/ice water. 
he decided to become an oyster connoisseur: P-uke
Wednesday was our lazy day. we slept in, ate breakfast at the resort beach restaurant, then planted ourselves at the beach. We laid in the sun, dipping in the ocean frequently then headed to the pool to laze the afternoon away. We did take a break to grab some lunch at the infamous Sloppy Joes. 
We walked a lot that evening- so much that we ended up taking a pedi cab back to dinner because I wasn't sure my feet or back would take me back down the rest of Duval Street. but the ride was fun and a first for us- and then we enjoyed dinner and live music at a small place called Willy T's. Where I had the best key lime pie I have ever had. P loves it, it is his favorite, but I have never been a big fan. This was also the night all I wanted for dinner was a huge plate of fruit. The waiter was like 'um i think i can do that…'. 
dollar bills taped up
Thursday we went to Two Friends Cafe for breakfast where Philip got key lime french toast he had been wanting. We did some shopping and headed back to the beach. That afternoon we went to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum that Philip had been wanting to go to. Mel Fisher is apparently this big treasure hunter who found an old sunken ship full of over $450 million in treasure.  Being a good wife, I went along. because we all know history is not my favorite:) 
We had a nice dinner that night and then relaxed on our awesome balcony watching the sunset and all of the boats come in for the night. 
virgin, don't worry ;) 
We had a later flight Friday morning so we got to relax that morning and take our time packing up. We were so full from dinner the night before that we didn't get to get ice cream one last time. So, even though it was 930am, we walked to our favorite ice cream shop and got cones:)…...and maybe a big cookie as big as my head for the flights home:) 
our traditional frowny face vacation-is-over pic
 I think we were both ready to get home and see Ainsley. FaceTime makes it so much easier to be apart but she is usually too busy to talk to us;) We are so thankful for amazing grandparents who took care of her while we were gone. We didn't have to worry about her because we knew she was being well loved on (spoiled) and taken the best care of. so THANK YOU Gramma Joy, Nanny and Pop. We really appreciate it:) 
She told us all about her week when we got home and it is so funny the things that were her 'highlights'. mostly the popsicles, suckers, and stuffed animals she got to play with. 
Here are some pics of Ainsley's week while we were away : 
wants to come with us with all her animals
picking/eating strawberries at the orchard