Monday, March 20, 2017

Life Lately

Well the biggest most exciting thing that has happened is my niece is here! 
Meet Amelia Rae, arriving at 1:31pm, 7lbs 10oz. She is perfect with the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen. 
Anna Beth is smitten (counting her toes and kissing on her). We can't wait for her to be to be running around at Nanny Pops in a princess dress soon:) 
 Parker cut 3 teeth at one time and they finally came through. He was not a happy boy for a few weeks but thankfully he's back to his happy self. 
We celebrated St Patrick's Day by having Ainsley's friend Liam over for a play date. The playroom looked like a tornado, an earthquake and then another tornado ripped through it:) but Ainsley and Liam cleaned the whole room up by themselves! My OCD self had to let them put toys wherever they wanted instead of where they "belong".  
Our sweet little Jack Man had his 3rd birthday party and it was Super Hero themed. All the kids ran around in capes and masks at The Little Gym and had a great time. I think Parker had the best time.  
The weather has been crazy bouncing back and forth between snow flurries and sunshine, but we have enjoyed being outside when we can and curling up by the fire when we can't! 
   March madness is in full effect- our household is cheering Go Cats Go!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Life Lately

Life has been different around here lately. In such a good way. Philip became the Medical Director at St. Claire. Which means he's a big wig now. But it also means his clinical shifts were reduced to 8 a month. So he has to be at the hospital for a lot of meetings, interviews, etc. but those are all during the day. And by now I can handle the kids during the day by myself. We've got our routine and our activities. And if I know he will be home for dinner, bath time, bed time- my outlook on the whole day is different. I'm like I got this. So yes he still has to work 8 night shifts a month, but that's a lot less than what we're used to.
So we have been enjoying feeling like a "normal family" for the first time. We have been taking walks after dinner. Going to the Y at nights. I have been able to go to the grocery, kid free, several times. We can both feel a shift in our marriage as we are getting to spend more time together and getting to enjoy just being. And I have to thank God for this, because I have been praying for a change in Philips work schedule for over 2 years. I have prayed and my friends at BSF have been praying, and the Lord has answered ours prayers. He is so faithful and His plan is always better than our own. 
Look at his face. He just had his first Frosty at lunch with Nanny and Aunt Ellen. He made us all laugh at how happy he was. 
Ainsley's friend Jack got a drum set. And she fell in love with how much noise she could make. 
Last wwwk it was 70° which is crazy because yesterday it was 25°- but her friend Liam came over for a picnic.   
Ainsley is loving gymnastics at the Y. The session ended last week and she was very upset so we enrolled her in the next session too. 
After the mommies work out, the kids get to play basketball:) 
We frequently walk to the "bridge" where the kids can throw rocks in the creek (if there is water) and look for the beaver (grounddog).
Ainsley picked all the "flowers" in the back yard for me and was so happy. 
Girls Day! Mom and I took Ainsley to go see Sing during an afternoon we didn't want her to nap bc of time change. She ate a whole box of sour patch gummies and we had to refill her popcorn. 
We came home from the movies to this scene. Philip had been working on his car and a wrench popped back and hit him between the eyes. Luckily his ER buddy was off and came over to stitch him up.    

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

18 months

Happy half birthday to my favorite little boy!!! I am seriously smitten with my little Pman. His smile and mischievous giggle makes my heart want to explode. I kiss his cheeks off every chance I get. 
26.6 lbs (81%) 
31 inches (they messed up %) 
48.5cm OFC (80%) 
Size: he is in 18 or 18-24 month clothes. He wears a size 5 shoe. He wears size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 at night. 
Physical: he is another blue eyed blonde haired Overall.
He has had 3 haircuts. He has 8 teeth on top and 5 on bottom. 
Eat/sleep: he eats any and everything. He wakes up around 7 (give or take 30 minutes usually), naps 1230-330ish, and goes to bed 730/745pm. He sleeps in his sleep sack, with his paci and blanky. He takes 6-7 oz milk before nap and before bed. He loves putting his food in his hair and throwing it at my head. 
New things
He LOVES balls more than anything 
He loves to be outside. He stands at the door pointing all day. 
He isn't talking as much we we'd like but he'll get there:) right now he says mama, ball, and dada (inconsistency). He signs more, please, thank you, and down. 
When he's tired he lays face down on his blanky on the floor in his room. 
He goes and grabs a wipe, blows his nose, and hands you back the snotty wipe (good job buddy!) 
He loves books and constantly is bringing one to me, plops in my lap and wants it read to him. 
He "gives hugs" by laying his head on your shoulder. 
His injury count is climbing as he cut open his eyelid this past week. So now he's had a staple, stitches, and multiple bumps and bruises :/ 
Which leads me to- he loves to climb. And has no fear or sense of danger (couldn't we have had one cautious child?!) 
I am so grateful for you sweet boy <3 bruises, scrapes and all. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentines Day several times:) Saturday night Mom invited all of us up for dinner and so I took the kids there to spend the day since Philip was working all weekend. They had so much playing at the shed, making doughnut holes at Auntie Jos, and playing at nanny pops. 
The kids made Valentines for Philip, Ainsley learned how to cut out a heart from construction paper and was so proud of herself. 
Philip had to leave for a conference on actual Valentine's Day, so when Ainsley and I came in Monday night from gymnastics we were greeted by some beautiful flowers and a sweet card for each of us. She insisted on carrying her flowers everywhere. She watched her movie with them, we breakfast with them, etc. so sweet! 
Ainsley celebrated at school by passing out Valentines to each student and getting one back. she was so happy when i picked her up, clutching her bag she made, exclaiming "mommy look at all my goodies!" 
That night we went to the Stearley's for dinner. We have celebrated this holiday with them multiple times. Ainsley and I made "pink princess popcorn" to take. 
It was a very love filled day and weekend for us. :)