Saturday, June 9, 2018

Summa Time

We quickly flipped to summer mode over here. Schedules out the window, bedtimes pushed back, sleeping in, tiring out from the sun, and making new adventures each day. 

We go to the Y often, visit the library, run around and pick strawberries at the orchard, play in the back yard, go on walks, have lots of cookouts and have lots of popsicles. 

Ainsley has been dedicated to her summer chore chart. Waking up each day and making her bed, feeding the pets, getting dressed, and helping clean. At the end of each week of completed chores, she gets money. She saved up to get “Chelsea’s playhouse” she has been wanting. 

She also did a week of soccer camp which she asked to do. She and her friend Tate went and learned soccer skills, daily devotional, and games each morning. 

We have gotten together with lots of friends and have enjoyed time that the busyness of the school year takes away. 

We also have been working on riding our bikes and eating the honey from honeysuckle. 

Our babysitter, Lauren, got engaged and we are over the moon happy for her. Jack, or “big jack” as my kids call him, comes with her if he’s in town and she’s babysitting. This week Lauren brought Ainsley a gift. It was a puzzle and once completed asked her to be their flower girl. Along with it was the sweetest note about how her and jack have watched her grow into a sweet young lady and they wanted her to be a part of their special day. I was all kinds of emotion. Ainsley was mainly nervous:) 

We are soaking up summer as much as we can! 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Potty training #1

Week one of summer and on Monday we started potty training Parker. We’ve been dabbling with it for the last few months but i didn’t have the patience to do it hard core, plus he went to school, and i didn’t want to put that on his lovely teachers. So i stocked up on potty treats and we got serious! 

My sweet boy isn’t requiring candy like his sister did. He is happy with star war stickers:) 

Being outside all day helps with the training, as we are teaching him he can pee in the grass (i always envied boys for this and even attempted to be like my brother and boy cousins in this aspect, resulting in peeing down my leg a few times). 

The first few days he had trouble with #2 but the last two days he has been successful and earned his “potty treats” waiting for his success so he could claim one. He chose his yellow ball, of course.  

Ainsley has been his greatest cheerleader, standing outside the door cheering “go Parker go”! Philip was at work when he earned his first poo/potty treat, but Philip called him and Parker excitedly told him he pooped in the potty, and got his ball. He was very proud. The next day, he chose his Avenger ball (much to Ainsleys dismay). 

At church he told his teacher he needed to pee and went there! We are so proud of you buddy!!! 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

End of the Year Recitals

We came back from Jamaica to one crazy week! Sunday was Mother’s Day and Philip had to go back to work. We went to church and then went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Teri’s for a cookout. Somehow he managed to have gifts for me, even though we were gone the week before:) 

Ainsley had her first gymnastics recital which also meant a night of dress rehearsal. She also had graduation from preschool (cue the tears), Parker had his end of year “beach party” and her and Parker both had their spring recitals. Ainsley has had the absolute BEST teachers this year. She really fell in love with both of them, and learned so much. She says she wants to stay in the grey room forever. Parker also fell in love with Mrs Shelley, which we did too when Ainsley had her 3 years ago. 

The recitals were a disaster. Parker decided if he didn’t look out at audience, maybe they didn’t exist, so he stood with his back to us the entire time. He actually ended up in Miss Ellen’s lap. Ainsley got a case of nerves and stood still as a statue with tears in her eyes (it was beyond pitiful). BUT she stayed on stage and at the end received her certificate, which counts for something. 

There was a 2 hour gap between their recitals. We left with Parker and returned with Batman. 

Luckily the kids have family who love them and support them no matter what they do on stage:) 

Saturday morning Ainsley had her gymnastics recital at Transy. We were a little uncertain how it would go, after Friday, but she did so so good! She smiled and had fun and did her routine! She even danced at the finale. When i went to pick her up i told her i was so proud of her and she said “I’m so proud of me too!” We went to HopCat for lunch to celebrate. 

In between we’ve been enjoying being together and getting excited for summer. The kids have been wearing themselves out outside, wanting to sleep in, and living off popsicles :)