Thursday, March 22, 2018

Life Lately

The cold from hell itself has knocked our family down for about a week. Parker started with it, then Ainsley, then the parents. I was the only one to completely lose my voice but I’m sure my family didn’t mind that:) 

I’m currently watching the monitor of my son laying naked in his bed. Because apparently he likes to unzip his footed pjs and get naked in the middle of the night. 

This past weekend i attended my first BSF leaders retreat in Cincinnati. It was a great weekend full of challenging teaching, renewing of spirit, and beautiful corporate worship. 

Philip rocked it out at home taking the kids to Millie’s first birthday party, church and out to dinner. He’s a great Dad and made it seem like a breeze. 

We’ve had two big snows in March (where you at spring). The first one was beautiful and we got about 8 inches of snow. Yesterday we got about 2 but it was still pretty. And of course all snow equals snow cream! 

Prior to that the weather was warm again and we spent time outside as much as we could. 

Ainsley had her first field trip this year to “cut and paste studio” where they each made a bird house. Then we went to chik fil a for lunch with her teachers and school friends. She’s been talking about this for months and was so excited. 

We went to “nanny pops” so the kids could spend time with them (and us too). Nanny is whizzing around and up and down and using that new hip like a pro! 

We’re in the midst of MarchMadness over here and today the kids wore their UK gear to show support:) GO CATS (although not really bc if they win i won’t win the Wilhoite bracket!) 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Life Lately

The past two days we have been outside enjoying the approaching spring weather, and this morning we woke up to snow. Kentucky weather is insane! My kids LOVE being outside and it is amazing how our moods improve from being out there!  

We have spent some time with friends, hanging out and we did a free workshop at Home Depot to make periscopes. 

Parker has not been staying in his bed lately. He gets up, turns off sound machine, turns on lights, and reads books in his chair. At all hours of the night. So we hid his sound machine (which he found), we took the light bulbs out of his lights, then ordered child proof light switches. And he is locked in his room. What are we going to go with him?? 

Ainsley is learning how to add numbers in school and is quite proud of herself. She can also write her first and last name. She has really bonded with her teachers and school friends this year. 

Mom had surgery Monday to have her hip replaced. Dad, Uncle Steve and I hung out in waiting room playing rummy. Surgery went great and mom has been rocking her recovery ! 

Here are some pictures of our life lately:) 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Parker’s Injuries

I need to have documentation of this wild child and the injuries he has sustained in his 2.5 years of life. Not something i really want to relive but definitely blog book worthy. 

Let’s start with his first injury 

A staple to the back of his head when he fell onto the corner of a book shelf in the playroom.

In same playroom, he tripped and landed on a tiny yellow construction truck, splitting his lip open. This required an emergent drop everything (by my parents and my myself) and go to morehead for sedation and stitching by daddy. (November 2016) 

This one was very traumatic for me and i was emotional for weeks after. 

Next he blackened his eye on the counter and cut a small line on his eyelid. 

I am not even sure what this next boo boo was from, looks minor. 

Then he fell in our bathtub cutting his eyelid open this time. 

One day i noticed he had a chip in his left front tooth. We have no idea when or how he did this. 

I picked him up from nursery at church and was told he had got his ear caught on a toy and ripped his upper ear. Philip was out of town for this one and our friend Seth had to come over to determine if he needed stitches (we opted not to). October 2017.

And his latest injury was yesterday afternoon. I had been at the hospital all dad while mom had her hip replaced. I was home not even 30 minutes and S he was crawling up onto our bed, blanky in hand, he slipped and with occupied hands, took a face plant onto the edge of our bed frame. Almost biting through his cheek and biting through his lower lip. Stitches inside lower lip. 

So now maybe you all can understand why I’m on edge all the time :) and hopefully this is the end of this stupid list.