Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Disney 2018

Many months ago we decided we wanted to go somewhere on Ainsley's fall break. It was much different this year having to plan around a school schedule. And even then we decided it was ok for her to miss 2 days. We decided we should take them back to Disney. Parker doesn't remember the last time we went, and they are both still SO into all things Disney. It seems a shame not to let the magic of this age really sparkle. Plus my best friend works there and I miss her. 

We decided to stay at Steve's resort, Caribbean Beach Resort. They have pirate ship beds and we knew Parker would really love that (we were very correct). They are old enough now that we can just get two adjoining rooms, which was so much nicer than trying to give them each their own sleep space. 

That morning we woke the kids up earrrlllly (Parker was a tad grumpy as you can see), packed up the car and headed to Cincy for our direct flight to Orlando. The kids did really well, and when we landed Nanny and Pop were there to pick us up! We drove to Caribbean where Steve was waiting for us and I felt like the red carpet was rolled out! We got to our rooms and each kid's bed was decorated with all kinds of things from Uncle Steve and Aunt Whitney. As if Disney isn't magical enough, they make it even more magical for the kids. Parker made Steve dress him in his new pirate costume and that was entertaining (see Whitney for video). 

Whitney met us there too and we hit up Magic Kingdom that afternoon! That night we had dinner at the Polynesian Resort with Steve and Whitney. We took a ferry there from MK and after dinner we roasted s'mores at the resorts fire pit. the kids (and us) were pooped so we headed back to the resort for bed. Ainsley fell asleep on me in the bus on the way home. 

Parker caught his marshmallow on fire and when told to blow it out, he blew as hard as he could, on the firepit.

The next morning we ventured to Epcot. We had breakfast at Akerhaus, which was a character breakfast. Parker quickly got into the swing of 'princess meeting'. Waiting their turn, getting their books signed, pictures taken. He really hugged each princess, not just a shoulder lean-in like Ainsley does. And he caught Cinderellas eye during the parade around the restaurant and blew her a kiss! all on his own! what a little flirt. 

That afternoon Steve got us VIP passes to the new restaurant they are opening at their resort. Pop and Parker napped while Nanny and A went to the pool. The food was yummy and we got to give our input for improvements. We went back and loaded back up and headed back to Epcot that night for dinner and more rides. 

Thursday, we went to Hollywood studios in the morning. All of Parker's Star Wars dreams came true. I almost puked on the Star Wars ride. Later that day we headed to Animal Kingdom where the boys all did the Avatar ride and they all said it was awesome. 

Friday morning we spent at the pool. The kids loved the slides and pirate ship. Parker was on a repeat loop of the tunnel slide, coming out screaming he wanted to go again before he even hit the water. 

We got the kids to nap that afternoon because we knew that night would be a late one. We went back to Magic Kingdom that night for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Ainsley decided months ago she wanted to be Violet from the Incredibles (thank you YouTube), black hair and all. So we used two cans of spray paint and apologized to Steve for the coloring of the bathroom. and off we went to MK! We had dinner reservations at Cinderella's Royal Castle later that evening. Character dining is where its at. It sure beats standing in 5 different lines for 5 different characters. Plus you get to eat ! Due to the Halloween party the lines for the rides were so short so we got to do so much that evening. 

the kids both drove on the speedway and we left very concerned about their skills
parker's first roller coaster- BarnStormer! 

After dinner we met up with everyone for the parade. It was pretty cool how they transformed the park for the halloween party. And Parker was in awe of all the characters he got to see on the floats. We stayed for fireworks at the end which were spectacular. We got home and I washed ainsleys hair at least 6 times to get the black out. 

The next morning we all slept it and lazily made our way to Disney Springs for some shopping. We had told the kids they each got to pick one thing for the week to take home. Ainsley was very methodical about her choice and settled on a 11 piece glittery princess figurine set. Parker chose a Buzz shooter/grabber and "chomped" everything the rest of the day. We had lunch there and then went back to the resort for some more pool time with Whitney. That night Steve got us VIP passes to the Mark Wills concert (they're friends which is crazy to me). It was food and wine festival at Epcot and Philip was in foodie heaven eating around the world before (and after) the concert. Nanny and Pop hung out with the kids and had a low key night they all needed. 

Sunday morning we got up and packed our things to head back. The kids did NOT want to leave. Parker was seriously in love with his pirate ship bed. And Ainsley had so many more things she wanted to do. She legit was sobbing on the airplane on the way home. Which I think is a sign of a good trip. 

we love you Disney! thanks for the memories.