Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This past weekend we took a road trip to Michigan to visit Philip's family. 
Conveniently (or maybe not so conveniently:) ) , the group that Philip races with was also in Michigan. 
We debated driving through the night again because it is just a little easier with the age Ainsley is right now. But then Brian said he would ride with us, and so we decided to face the day and make the drive in sunlight:) She was soo good on the drive up there. and the bonus: I didn't have to sit in the back the whole time and get car sick! 
biting her toe then saying "OW!" 
We stayed with Philip's grandparents and for the whole week before our trip Ainsley walked around saying 'Papa'. The morning we were leaving we asked her who we were going to see and she said "PAPA!". She had a very busy few days, keeping all of us on our toes:) 
We spent the first day there just hanging out and playing at the lake. I wouldn't say that Ainsley loved the lake, but she didn't seem to hate it. well, at first anyway. That night we had a delicious dinner of KY hot browns that Loyale made. 
The next day was Philip's first day of racing. And while I wanted to see the track and watch him, we both agreed it is just not the most fun thing to take Ainsley to. So we planned a trip to the Zoo! Ainsley has never been to the zoo and she LOVED IT. When we left the first exhibit she cried saying goodbye so we had to make sure and say 'come on let's go see more animals!' and that seemed to help her move to the next exhibit. She made monkey noises at the monkeys, got to ride a train for the first time, fed giraffes, petted goats (and watched a goat poop which another kid called them jelly beans), neigh at the horses, say 'wow' at the zebras, and chase peacocks. she had a great time. many thanks to her Uncle Brian and Grandma Joy for helping me chase her around and pick her up to see all the animals:) 
animal crackers at the zoo- appropriate or inappropriate? 
on the train. at first she was confused by the train whistle and then quickly started saying 'CHOO-CHOO' when she heard it 
Of course she got several souvenirs from her mom, grandma, and uncle for her first zoo trip:) Ted and Marty went to Gingerman and rode with Philip, which I know Philip enjoyed. Ted told me when he got back that he almost got sick but that he couldn't say anything because it would be breaking man code… I told him I felt his pain/nausea. 
That night we celebrated summer birthdays at grandma's with the traditional ham loaf and peach kuchen. I'm sure you have heard me talk about my love for both of these. I literally could eat the whole pan of both. Grandma showed me how to make ham loaf so I feel pretty well prepared and will have to give it a try soon. 
Sunday we had brunch at Ted and Carol's and spent the day there hanging out at their pool. It's always such a fun time there and Carol is always the hostess with the most-esst, whipping up snacks and food all the while taking care of like 6 grand babies. Philip ended up leaving early and just racing half a day in order to come back and spend time just hanging out. 
LOVED the trampoline 
the boys tickling ainsley 
first ice pop! 
obsessed with the car that let her hug and lay on it… our does NOT let her do that 
Sunday was supposed to be our beach day, but that morning there was 90% chance of storms :( Carol made us all breakfast and then we went to the Air Zoo, which A ended up loving as well:) 
Ainsley sized pancakes 
her first ride! 

ferris wheel with the boys because momma felt a little sick after the hot air balloons 
she never really smiled on the rides but in a flat affect would say 'weee' and then clap at the end. at least she didn't cry or vomit:)  
she just took in all of the jets and planes with big eyes as we walked around the rest of the museum
Then she got tired and cranky and we were 'check please!' and took her back to nap:) 
The car ride back was not quite as successful as the ride there. She was bored and tired from the past several days. she didn't want to fall asleep. she kicked the DVD player, I took it away, kick, take away- we did this so many times I wanted to throw it out the window. BUT, we made it home safe and sound and she was not cranky at all the next day from lost sleep. 
We had such a good time getting to visit with everyone. And we were there when Philip's cousin Courtney announced her engagement to Brian which was exciting for us to be a part of that. Ainsley got to play with her family she doesn't get to very often (becca we didn't get any pics of them together:( ). Leaving is always sad for us because we have such a good time and love getting to visit with everyone there. Can't wait to see you all again soon! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

18 months

Happy Half Birthday to our fun little ball of energy! We can not believe she is one and half. time is flying by so quickly! and holding little Anna Beth makes us realize that so much more. 
height/weight: 23lbs 6 oz (36%), 32 inches (62%) and OFC (for aunt ellen- how big her noggin is) 47.5in (77%)  
insisted on wearing her rain boots
size: she is in size 18 months quite perfectly. 
she wears size 3 pampers and size 4 pampers night time. 
FINALLY her little tooth on the bottom right is coming in. it's mate came in like 4 months ago and she has been so lopsided! 
she has her molars and is finishing up her 4 canines 
our little one will officially have blue eyes with fairy mary skin
she has outgrown her size 5 tennis shoes and is moving up to the next size
her hair is so long and i refuse to cut it because I am afraid if I do the curls will go with it
eating: some days i worry because she says 'no' to every food I put in front of her, and some days I worry because she eats more than I do. feast or famine I guess. right now she is loving eggs (scrambled with cheese are her favorite) and she consistently loves cheese. will generally eat her fruit but not so much on the vegetables. she does love pizza and anything else covered in cheese (just like her Aunt Whitney). 
sleeping: she wakes up usually around 7 and goes to bed around 745/8. she naps anywhere from 1.5-3 hours in the afternoon, depending on how hard she has played that day. 
new things:
gosh where to even begin….
she talks non stop. she has her own language but also will repeat pretty much anything you say. 
She is in love with Elmo right now, even though she has never seen him on TV. 
She says 'no' in the sweetest voice that you can only smile when she says it. 
she says 'pease' (please), cookie, cracker, Elmo, Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Pops, Bubby, Papa, GG, car, bubble, shoe, poop, ice, pee, church, baby, bible, i'm not coming close to listing them all. 
she is using her spoon and fork while eating although hasn't entirely figured it out.
she signs 'thank you'
she likes to hold two peoples hands and swing in between them 
she loves to twirl my pony tail at night before she goes to bed and in the morning when I first get her up. 
she still sleeps with her paci but when we ask her for it in the morning she will (usually) pop it out and hand it to you. a lot of times she will smile and say no first though. 
she loves to climb on anything
we are working on teaching here to ask someone to 'come here' rather just say their name over and over and point. 
she loves ice and grabs any container, runs to the freezer and says "ice?" 
if she hears music she starts doing her version of dancing. 
loves "hiding" and playing peek a boo 
drinking water like her brother jackson does