Wednesday, November 23, 2016

15 months

Monday Parker turned 15 months! So hard to believe. He had his 15 month check up Tuesday morning, and it didn't go quite as planned... 
While I was waiting in the room for Dr Nelson, baby stripped down to diaper, I noticed parker had a rash on his feet. I attributed it to the thieves I had slathered on his feet the day before because I could tell he didn't feel good. The day before he was cranky, drooling a lot, and Philip and I assumed he was getting a new tooth. Well, I was feeding him snacks and noticed a few bumps on his hands. and I thought ' you have got to be kidding me'. and I looked at his lips and sure enough, one tiny bump next to his scar. So when Dr nelson walked in and said 'happy 15 months! how are we?' I told him apparently Parker has Hand Foot Mouth, and I just now noticed. So, shots were delayed. Apparently HFM is rampant this season with over 70 different strains going around. awesome. since he has had it before we are hoping this is a mild, quick virus that will pass quickly. as in, before thanksgiving. 
height/weight: length: 31 1/2 inches (62%)
weight: 25.3 lbs (62%)
OFC: 50cm (98%) 
they had him stand on scale for the first time at the appointment, so I am not 100% sure his weight is accurate, but I'm sure it's close. 

eating/sleeping: for the most part he is sleeping through the night. he wakes up 1-2 times a night frequently crying for his paci (or just his mommy). he goes to bed around 715-745 and sleeps until 7-730. If he's really tired he goes to his room, turns on sound machine, grabs his blanky and waves bye bye. When I take him upstairs for nap or bedtime he waves bye bye too. so cute. 
He eats any and everything. all day long. 

new things
he has 7 teeth 
he has had his first ER trip that resulted in sedation and 4 stitches (thank you Daddy) 
 he had his second hair cut 
he can sign "more" "please" "eat" 
he still just says "DaDa" , the occasional mmm
he seems to have an indiscernible word for Jackson that he repeats while pointing at him 
he points and grunts at what he wants
he goes to pantry, pulls out something he wants (usually a jar of PB) and brings it to me to eat 
he LOVES balls. he loves throwing them and is trying really hard to say "ball"--but it comes out "Da" 
he is still obsessed with color yellow. he carries around a yellow plastic otoscope, a yellow marker, a highlighter, etc 
this kid is so active and into EVERYTHING. like you put him in a room and think 'there's nothing he can get into in there' and 15 seconds later- you're taking him to the ER. 
he loves to climb, jump, and be dangerous

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I have never been a big fan of Halloween. But it is getting so fun. We had such a good time this year. Both kids had a blast! 

Ainsley has been insistent (well, since Disney) that she wanted to be Elsa for Halloween. :: insert eye roll from me because Elsa is all you have seen trick or treating the past two years:: BUT, if she wants to be Elsa, she gets to be Elsa. She stuck by her decision, so Parker got to be Olaf:) and he was the cutest Olaf I have ever seen. 

Saturday evening we went to trick or treat at mom and dads neighborhood with Matt, Rachel and Anna Beth and Emma, Crystal and Jc met us there too:) Rapunzel was her second choice so I let her wear her rapunzel dress that night. and she wanted her flower girl shoes. and she wound up with Anna Beths seashell clip. she pretty much looked like a ragamuffin, but she was happy. 
Actual Halloween was on Monday night. We invited the Stearley family over to grill out. We also invited my parents, Joy, Auntie Jo, Dana and Brian and Lindsay came by too :) 
It was a warm night, but at least the kids didn't get cold this year. Ainsley had so much fun running up to each house. her heels started hurting her feet so she ended up barefoot halfway through the night. and her Elsa wig made it maybe 3 minutes. Parker had his first sucker and threw a FIT when i took it away from him. 

I passed out toys this year (plastic fangs, slime, spider rings, and bubbles). well actually I didn't pass them out, AJ and Joy set up camp outside and passed out candy while we ran the neighborhood.
 hey, at least I didn't pass out tooth brushes. or fiber one bars like someone did Saturday evening. 

Here are some more pics of life lately around here: 
last soccer game! 
Overall Pumpkin Family 2016 
we got rid of couch and replaced with a giant bean bag 
took a trip to Monkey Joes. Philip built Ainsley her own castle:) 
the YMCA down the street FINALLY opened! we are all loving it