Monday, October 28, 2013

Indy, Soup and a Bee

This weekend was another 'track weekend' for us. But this time, Ryan AND Kim came. It made such a happy difference having Kimmy there. For example we got to go up a night early and play in Indy on Thursday! We went to the Children's Museum there which is one of the best in the country! it was so fun. would love to take Ainsley back in 3 years when she can really enjoy it. But hey, us adults enjoyed it just as much !:) 

We went to dinner at a great restaurant that night and made it to the hotel in time for Ainsley's bedtime!!! We had radios between our car and their car so that is always fun to chat back and forth during the trip. 

Philip and Ryan raced Friday and Saturday. Kim and I met them there after Ainsley got up. Everyone loves Ainsley at the track:) probably because she is always the only baby there:) well, and the cutest;)

napping inside 
 Day two was a little chillier, so we hung out inside more. Matt and Michelle came up so they could see what all the fuss is about. Matt loved it and Michelle made it around two sessions!!! 
At lunchtime they have what is called a 'touring lap' where you can take any kind of car around the track but not go faster than 60mph. no helmets and you can keep windows rolled up :) 
I drove Philip's car! I was impressed with myself because a) i drove a stick b) I learned how to use the road cones to 'connect the dots' with the car c) i actually went 69mph;). yay me! 

We had a good weekend. Philip made his best lap time so he was happy as a clam. 
Philip has tried really hard to make his hobby 'family friendly'. We now have a trailer that we tote the car with. So we can ride together up there, instead of taking two separate cars. He always skips the last session of the last day so we can get home in time to get A to bed. And having Kim there helped so much, especially packing up the hotel room and checking out! that is so hard to do when you are alone with a baby:) 

Sunday night we celebrated Brian's bday dinner with Joy. I made a soup that Philip and I are in love with. RECIPE HERE. you should definitely make it this fall. I double the rice and chicken. and wish I had doubled the whole recipe so we had more leftovers;) yumm. 

Joy got ainsley a trick or treat bucket! 

I worked today so Mom took Ainsley to music class! they wore their costumes to class today, they all look so cute I am sad to miss it, but glad A got to go :) 

Looking forward to Halloween this week!!! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch this year :) we usually go earlier than this but our schedules have just been crazy the past few weeks. And sadly the best day for us to go was a Monday, when our favorite orchard (Evan's) isn't open:( so we went to Boyd's for the first time. 

Ainsley loved all the pumpkins. We even took her out to the patch to help pick out a good one:) 


That night I made homemade vegetable soup (Mom's recipe!). It was the perfect fall day:) 

Tonight we finally put our pumpkins together for our fourth annual Overall Pumpkin Family. 

We are loving this cooler fall weather! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

We Survived!

After 8 1/2 months Ainsley and I decided it was time. 
We needed to try to spend the night away from each other. I was working a 12 hour shift on Sunday and so the most logical thing to do would be for her to stay at my parents saturday night so they could both watch her on Sunday. eek! 
helping pack 
all packed! 
Saturday night I met my parents at church, we went to dinner and then they took Ainsley and my car. As I drove away in Mom's little prius I teared up a bit. I was so sad not to have her with me. 
I mean, get a grip, amanda... right?! who knew I would be 'that mom'. haha:)
But I came home and found this sweet gesture on the counter 
don't mind if I do...
I didn't do anything out of the ordinary other than I didn't have the monitor to carry around. and when I woke up at night I didnt have the monitor to click on and check on her. 

I got lots of pictures and even a video from my parents while I was at work on Sunday, which helped so much. 

I was surprised at how much I just missed her. I take for granted the days I have with her and the thousands of times I get to kiss on her cheeks. and I hate not to being there to get her up in the morning. I barely made it home in time to put her to bed! 
So now we know it can be done. It will make our trip to New Orleans in November an easier weekend for all of us I think. 

and some pics, because I don't love posting pics on FB anymore... 
skinny minny uncle brian
trying to eat the drum at music class