Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! 

As most of you know, this is not my favorite holiday. I hate. HATE. masks. I hate being scared. so while I appreciate the cute little kids dressed up, and people wanting to get free candy, I freeze up when I see a mask. or a clown. or if I can't see your face in any way. 

That being said, it is still a holiday. and i like holidays and an excuse to get together with friends:) 

One of the attendings at work had her annual Halloween Party on Friday night. Philip had to work, so I went with some of my girl friends. We went out to dinner before hand and then got the pleasure of watching everyone else get drunk and silly as we stayed sober and laughed at them :) 
 pregnant devils in a blue dress and a pregnant skeleton. 
Phiips friends posing for a picture for me to send to him
Sunday night was Lexington's Annual Thriller Dance. This event drags all the weirdos and freaks out into one big group (sorry Gary, but it's true). and they dance down main street. and creep me out. every year. but before they dance, they are 'dead' on the sidewalks. or lurk down the streets. 
Philip, again, had to work:( but my friend Donielle went with me. we went out to dinner at Parlay Social and then walked to the almost torturous event. Emily and her friend met us down there. We were followed by a real creepy zombie who tried to sniff us. another zombie dressed at Elvis trailed behind us growling. these people get in character and take it seriously. Which is funny because donielle and i both get super freaked out and I think I gave her bruises on her arm where I kept grabbing her. 

Uncle Gary dressed up as Nerlens Noel Zombie
so hard for me to be touched by a zombie
This morning, Jackson put on his costume and ran upstairs to wake his dad up and say 'Happy Halloween!'
(he's a shark but he wouldn't be still long enough for a good picture)
trying to bite if off 
Tonight Emily invited Jax and I over for dinner and a movie. We are so excited for our Halloween play date:) 
playing with last year's halloween toy from Mom - can u believe it survived a whole year?! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

25 weeks!

I've said it every 5 weeks (5-10-15-20). increments of 5 don't seem to work well with my body :) But it's ok. We are moving right along and boy is she growing :) We are two thirds through our pregnancy!! 

size: she weighs a full 2 pounds and is around 9 inches long! (my app is messing up and hasn't changed food so I don't have a food to compare it to!) I think Aunt Ellen said she is a cucumber though. 

what's going on with me: like i said, it was a rough week for me. as in, co-workers bringing ice packs and a fan to me because I looked so bad. But on the bright side she is moving around like crazy in there:) which is a comfort when I feel like I am about to overheat and vomit. 
 At work on Wednesday I had at least 6 people comment on my belly. and not in a 'ooh you are so cute!' kind of way. in a 'wow you're stomach is getting huge' kind of way. I mean, I know I am sensitive lately, but come on people! It's hard having your body change. and while you personally love that you are growing your child in there, it definitely affects you when so many people make so many comments. so lesson learned to me in the future- make the pregnant woman feel cute. not fat

what's going on with Ainsley: she starts to open her eyes this week! i think this is so crazy. Her irises still don't have much pigmentation, so we wouldn't know her eye color yet. Her brain wave activity is starting to develop. And like I said, she is moving around like crazy in my belly :) Girl is very active:)

We got the closet done on the nursery (thanks to Philip- it was not easy for him). once we get more done, I will post pics. it's not too exciting right now.

While Jackson and I enjoyed the nice weather this week, I am loving that today the temperature has dropped. I hope it stays cool and that fall is here to stay. because that means just around the corner is my favorite season... WINTER! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

24 weeks!

We have made it to 24 weeks! Philip is relieved this week is here. After 24 weeks, the baby can still survive if something were to happen where she had to be taken from my womb. (who thinks like that other than a doctor?:)). So he is feeling very good this week. Especially after our anatomy scan:) 

size: she is the size of an eggplant this week. 9 inches and 1.7 lbs is what the app says. which is funny because yesterday at her ultrasound she was estimated to weigh 1.7 lbs! :) right on track! 
what's going on with me: drum roll please.... another week with no puking!!! I almost lost my cookies several times this week but I tried really hard and was able not to! The flu shot really threw me for a loop but it only last about 24 hours:/ I have been more tired this week but she is also going through a growth spurt so that is to be expected. She is moving around all the time now and I love feeling her in there:) No big emotional break downs this week :) my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball. isn't that insane?!

what's going on with A:  our anatomy scan went great! she looks so cute in there! we got to see her swallow several times. she kept trying to put her fingers in her mouth and covering her face with her little hands. it was soo cute:) they measured her lips and ruled out cleft lip. they measured her feet and ruled out club feet. they didn't find any markers for Down's Syndrome. we saw all 4 chambers of her heart. We saw both of her kidneys and her bladder. Her bladder had fluid in it, telling us her kidneys are working. they measured her adorable little belly and her tiny little head. they measured the ventricles in her brain. Philip and the ultrasound lady (who we love) carried on a conversation that went well over my head when they were looking at her heart. but i got the gist of it-- all looked good! Praise God that our baby girl appears to be growing healthy in there. We have both been praying so hard for her. 
look at that precious little face! 
We both said right off the bat "she looks like her dad". and she does we think! Philip thinks she has my chin. she has philips nose. and I hope that is some hair we see on her little head! (probably not though, I didn't have hair until I was one!) No matter what characteristics she comes out with, we are both so elated that all looks healthy and both felt so good after leaving the Dr's office. 

her nostrils are starting to open this week. and her skin is becoming more pink as capillaries under her skin are filling with blood. 

cravings: at work on tuesday someone was drinking a Diet Mt Dew and I thought 'i have to have one'. Lucky for me one of the paramedics spoils me and went to Speedway and bought me one. I haven't had one since well before I was pregnant! it was the best one I have ever had:) 

After our dr appt we went to a new restaurant called 'First Watch'. It is right across the street from St Joe East and it was yummy! maybe our family can visit there when they come visit Ainsley ? :) 
Then we went and picked out paint for her nursery. Philip has come up with what I think will be a very attractive way to paint the nursery. I am excited to see the final product! 

I think we both feel much more at peace this week. This scripture has been with me since I found out I was pregnant and it applies so much to us this week. 

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus". Philippians 4:6-7 
So thankful for the peace that only God can bring:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Shower

Sunday was my first Baby Shower! 
I remember like it was yesterday, my first wedding shower at Megan's house (almost 3 years ago!). It was so crazy to me that it's already time for a shower for our baby! 

My sweet friend Erin threw the shower and my friends Kelly, Hunter and Jessie helped her with it.
Kelly, Me, Erin, Hunter (jessie had a busy weekend and hadn't made it yet!)

Erin is so good at party planning. It should be her second job. She even took the time to have my favorite foods and craving there:) I mean look at these decorations! 
her monthly onesies:) 

Hunter was in charge of games, which if you know her, you know why I was a little nervous:) but she kept it tame (for the most part) and they were so fun! 
We played 'measure my belly' where everyone had to cut a piece of yarn that they thought would be as big(small) around as my belly :) Alicia won:) 

We also played word scramble which I thought was hard haha :)
cindy (in blue) won!

After the games and yummy food, Ainsley got spoiled rotten with all kinds of necessities and cute things:) Mom did some searching and found a baby blanket just like the one I had when I was born (and yes, still have). So now A has her own! :) *no comments grandma! haha* 

Aunt Ellen also spoiled her (and us!) and we now have a wonderful baby monitor to keep watch over her:) 

I love every little thing that she got and have gone in her room multiple times to play with and look at all her new things:) Erin's soon-to-be-born son even got Ainsley a diamond ring rattle ;) future boyfriend?! 
Hunter is not drinking the water around all her preggo friends:) 

Thank you so much to the girls who put their time and effort into this wonderful shower. It meant so much to me. And thank you to all who came and showed love to me and our baby girl:) 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crock Pot Chili

Last week I made chili for Philip before he went into work. And then my 2 friends Emily and Corey came over later and had it too! I am sort of picky about chili, because I love my Mom's so much, but this one was really good (and super easy)!! 
(taken and modified from )
1 1/2 lb lean ground beef
1 onion chopped
1 green bell pepper chopped
minced garlic cloves
1 (16 oz) can red kidney beans
2 (14.5 oz) cans diced tomatoes
2-3 tbs chili powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp ground cumin
brown sugar (depending on how sweet u want it)

cook first 4 ingredients in large skillet until beef is no longer pink. drain. stir in remaining ingredients and put in crock pot. cook on high 3-4 hours or low 5-6. 

makes 4-6 servings (fed 4 for me) 

I served with corn bread muffins. Everyone (including me) really liked it. I will definitely be making again! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

23 weeks

I am a day late on this post-- oops! Yesterday was a busy and tiring day for me, but it was good:) 

you already know about the dr's appointments this week so I wont go into that again. excited for wednesday though!!
thank you Kelly for taking pic in philips absence:) 
size: Aunt Ellen is cracking up at this week's comparison... she is an ear of corn! haha, what a funny thing to compare a baby to :) she is 8.5 inches long and 1.5 lbs! I am not putting a picture of an ear of corn on here. because that's just sort of weird to me:) but so happy she is growing in there!!! 

what's going on with me:
this week held NO PUKING for me-- yay! still nauseas and still having to take some time to get it under control but i was determined to not get sick this week :) thankful I work with people who can sympathize and help take care of me:)
I have felt good enough to walk a lot this week and am hoping I can keep doing this while it is still nice out. 
I have hit the 'emotional phase' with full force. These hormones are the real deal people. it is scary having them take over in ways I can't control. I'm not a big cryer so this has been an adjustment for both Philip and for me:) 

what's going on with Ainsley: she is now about the length of a standard letter (much better comparison). her face is almost fully formed. can't wait to see it wednesday i hope! she still doesn't have any fat under her skin so the skin is transparent. Philip hasn't been able to feel her again this week, she always seems to be crazy when he is at work. he gets disappointed when I can feel her and he can't. hopefully she will start kicking around for him in there;)
* i passed my glucose test!!!! i was so afraid they were going to tell me I failed and I couldnt have sweets for the next 4 months*

cravings:  pineapple. we bought some at Sam's club and I am loving it. 

we also welcomed
 one of Ainsley's soon-to-be best friends into the world on Friday. Avery Nicole Donovan was born on 10-12-12 weighing 7 lbs 11 oz. Jordan, of course, made labor look like a breeze and her and Avery are both doing great:) 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

dr appt

For the very  few of you who read this for updates, I wanted to let you know about our appointment today. 

So we thought they might do the heavily anticipated anatomy scan LAST visit. but they told us no, this time they would. and also would be the dreaded glucose test. so I was excited for one part and not for the other:) 

when we got there I asked them if we could do ultrasound first so Philip could get home and get to bed. they said they were confused because they didn't do ultrasounds on Tuesday... well, come to find out there was a little scheduling mix up. I told them no big deal and went to sit down next to Philip. Where I then proceeded to start crying. because let's be honest, I have cried a lot this week. Philip is telling me its ok, and I am telling him I know it's ok but I can't stop crying!. the woman comes out to give me my glucose drink and sees me crying and feels terrible. which then made me feel terrible. because mistakes happen. It's just hard when you are so looking forward to this ultrasound and realize it isn't going to happen. and of course philip and I have no other days this week we could come back. so we have to wait a whole week to go back. (not the end of the world, I realize this) 

anyway, they were trying to work something out for us, so told Philip not to leave. which he didn't, and should have. because he wasted hours this morning at the doctors, where they did nothing except draw blood and doppler her heart beat. I felt so bad for him. 

sooo...ultrasound next wednesday. and because they felt so bad they told me they are doing all kinds of extra shots and pictures for us, and will even burn them to a CD so we can bring them home to show her off:) ill take it. 

Results of glucose test should be back tomorrow. her heart beat was strong- yay:) 
I apologized numerous times for getting so upset. they seemed to be used to it. I guess working at an OB/GYN office you would be. but I still was embarrassed. guess it comes with the territory.... 

Monday, October 8, 2012


*these are random ramblings:)*
Philip has had a pretty easy work schedule the past few weeks. He will pay for it at the end of this month, but for the past few weeks it has been so nice. We have gotten a lot of stuff done for the nursery. all the big stuff anyway. furniture ordered, bedding ordered (and shipped!), glider ordered, closet organizer designed. next on the list is order paint so mom and aunt ellen can get to painting:) I will help as much as I can:) 

My first shower is on Sunday and I am so excited. It's a little early, but my good friend Erin is at the end of her pregnancy and wanted to have it before baby Tate gets here:) I just can't believe that people are actually coming to shower my baby with love. it sounds corny but it really just means so much to me. that people care enough about me and this sweet baby that hasn't even made it into the world yet. 

We have our anatomy scan tomorrow and I can hardly wait to see her again. Philip works the next 3 nights so he is sacrificing sleep to be there, which I appreciate a lot. I told him he didn't have to come, but I know he wants to be there and see her too:) I also have the dreaded glucose test. so no eating tonight after midnight. prayers I don't puke in the waiting room tomorrow:/ 

It is getting chilly here in KY, it was 60 degrees in our bedroom this morning when I woke up. loved it. this fall weather makes me so happy. 

At church this Sunday Mike challenged us to pray with our spouse for the next 30 days. I want to try really hard to do this. It isn't always feasible for us because we don't see each other every day, but we have at least made a list of things we want to both pray about this month. Mike referenced the scripture we had read at our wedding which is always good for me to hear:
"Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 10 If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. 11 Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? 12 A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken." Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 

Trying to spend some time focusing on the fact that 3 is much stronger than 2. 
Happy Monday :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

22 weeks

This past week held a milestone for our pregnancy! Tuesday night Philip and I went out to dinner to Mexican. we had a wonderful little date, and when we got home I was laying on the couch when Ainsley started kicking hard. Philip came over and was able to feel her move for the first time!!! He was so excited, and I was too because it isn't fair I get to feel her all the time and he hasn't been able to. (the way my placenta is lying is making it hard for him to feel her). 

size: This week she is a papaya! almost 8 inches and 1.2 pounds. She is going to double in the next 4 weeks- yikes! :) 

what's going on with me: my sick days are getting less frequent but I still had several this week. Wednesday night I passed out after I got home from work and forgot to take my medicine. I woke up and spent the morning puking:( I am taking a very small dose of medicine at night but apparently it is helping. I am trying not to take medicine if I can help it, which philip calls stubborn. I just don't want this poor child to come out and be in Zofran withdrawals!!! (this can't really happen and I know that in my head, but i'm still trying since i had to live on zofran my first trimester)
Ainsley (my belly) continues to grow little by little:) I can feel her moving a lot better now and sometimes it is comparable to the sensation you get when you 'lose your stomach' going on a roller coaster. 
Also my heart rate has gone up and is around 100bpm. This is high for me, as I am usually in the 60's or low 70's. They tell me it is normal, but I can definitely tell my heart is beating fast and sometimes I have to take a deep breath. I am also trying to drink more water in case it is up from being dehydrated. 

what's going on with Baby A: She can hear my voice, my heartbeat, my blood pumping, and my stomach gurgling:) We can now hear her heartbeat with a stethoscope (instead of a Doppler). So of course we tried it:) Her skin is red now due to the blood vessels developing. Her hair is still white but continues to grow:) Her pancreas is now making her own hormones! She also now has her own sense of balance. 

cravings: bologna. I know a lot of people don't like this 'meat' but i love it. and for some reason I thought it wasn't considered a 'lunch meat' (which you are now recommended not to eat in pregnancy). so I have been eating and loving it. Well we looked it up and it can in fact carry Listeria the same as any other lunch meat, and we decided I should stop eating it, just in case. *note-- we both realize that in all reality eating lunch meat is probably safe and the chance of getting Listeria is very low. however we are first time parents and you know how that goes;)* anyway, I switched to PB&J, only to find out there has been a national recall on all kinds of peanut butter. can this pregnant woman not get a simple sandwich without worry! haha :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Day

Today was the beginning of fall for the Overall family. 
We went to Evan's Orchard and picked out our pumpkins for our annual 'Overall Pumpkin Family'. Auntie Jo, who works at the Orchard, has been scouring pumpkins for us, to help us find a 'pregnant looking' one for me:) 
Mom and Dad met us out there and helped us pull the wagon and keep up with Jackson. We had lunch at their outdoor cafe (yumm) and headed home to put together the pumpkin pieces:)


Looking forward to cooler weather and the beauty that fall brings:)