Saturday, January 31, 2015


How is it possible that Ainsley is TWO tomorrow?! TWO. YEARS. since she was born. Fastest two years of my life. 
I wish I could adequately describe the joy and happiness that she brings to our lives. She is the sweetest, funniest, smartest most loving little person and we are beyond grateful that God blessed us with her. 
discovering headphones
35 inches- 80% 
24.8 lbs -26% 
OFC: 48 cm- 64% 

physical: she has long strawberry blond hair with blue eyes. she loves to tell us 'Ainsley has blue eyes'. 
she still has not gotten her 2 year molars although every now and then we swear "she's teething". 
she is still too petite for some 24 month outfits, but fits into a lot. 2T is still way too big for her. 
eating: she is not a picky eater, but some days just isn't as hungry as others. currently we are in 'feast' mode and she eats more than I do. she won't eat the bread on chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc. she picks it off and eats the meat. she won't eat the skin on apples or pears and says 'rind yucky' on oranges. we have to hide vegetables to get her to eat them (thanks uncle brian) but she usually finds them and pulls them out of her mouth. ::sigh:: 
We think her favorite foods are: strawberries, mac n cheese (well any pasta actually), pretzels, fruit chews and nanny's press cookies. 
sleeping: still a rockstar. goes to bed at 8, wakes up around 715-745. still using paci but only for sleeping. sleeps with her hippo and blanky. 
what she's up to: 
  • she can, for the most part, sing her ABCs. gets tripped up around L,M,N,O,P- but who doesn't. 
  • she can count to ten 
  • knows all her colors 
  • is saying 3-4 word sentences 
  • still LOVES music. her favorites pop songs are :shake it off, all about that bass, and lips are movin. her favorite kids songs are: twinkle twinkle, happy birthday (she likes to rotate names), skid-a-marink, jingle bells, and thanks to BSF has been singing Holy, Holy. 
  • she likes to "go go go" and run fast. coincidentally she likes to tell daddy to GO GO GO in the car when the light turns green
  • will back seat drive and tell you 'red is stop!' 'green is go!' 
  • she will steal your phone and play trivia crack or FaceTime people, usually nanny (as evidenced by the drive home one night when all of a sudden I hear moms voice in backseat) 
  • still loves books and now she sits down and says 'Ainsley read' as she recites words she remembers from said book 
  • she will throw her trash away and usually help clean up. you have to sing the clean up song though. 
  • some days she melts down when you tell her no or won't let her do something she is insistent on doing. we have sat her in time out on several occasions. now she puts her poor elmo in time out almost every day and says 'elmo time out. trouble'. 
  • she loves to be tickled and play tickle monster. likes for daddy to turn her 'upside down'. she likes to be chased and for you to hide from her. 
  • she thinks if she closes her eyes you can't see her. she also thinks if she lays down face first on a surface that you can't see her. 
  • she loves her stuffed animals. has named them, feeds them, puts them to bed, puts Baby Stella on the potty, etc. 
She is basically the best thing Philip and I have ever done and we are constantly smiling and laughing with each other over the things she says and does. 
We love you so much sweet girl and feel like the luckiest parents in the world to watch you grow. 
Stay tuned for pics from her birthday party tomorrow-- Two at the Overall Zoo!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

MudBowl XXII

The Saturday after Christmas was this year's Wilhoite MudBowl. And I am pleased to say it was our biggest turn out yet! Largely in part to my cousin joey's new girlfriend Joy. Her family came and played/cheered us along! We also had a few boys just drop in because they wanted to play some football! Philip's brother Brian participated for the first time as well. 
It was the most participated in year, and I think the longest game too! Sadly, the blue team won. I'm sure they cheated somehow. We had the best cheerleaders though:) 

Afterwards Auntie Jo fed all us starving players and we all got to warm up inside. Tiff came away with a black eye, and Philip's knee is still messed up. All the boys (that played much harder than the girls) were sore for the next few days. I felt fine, but then again I didn't do much but jog around:) 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2014

I think we (ok me) have finally recovered from our craziness of Christmas. What a whirlwind of a week! Philip and I were both exhausted and in need of some downtime after getting to have so many celebrations! 
Our first Christmas was with Joy at her house. She made breakfast for dinner (at her son's request) and Santa definitely came to visit! 
Christmas Eve morning we went to Aunt Annie's for her annual brunch (my fav). We devoured some delicious food and got to visit with family. 
That night we went to Philip's Dad's and Kelly's house. We had yummy appetizers and Santa came to see Ainsley there too! :) 
 That night we put cookies out for santa and carrots for rudolph. This was probably the only real part of "santa" that Ainsley understood. because the next morning she kept running to the empty plate by the fireplace and saying "Santa… cookies… ALL GONE!" and whenever anyone asked her about santa she said "santa ate the cookies" :) 
Santa eating the cookies 
Christmas morning she slept in (probably the last year EVER she will do that). She woke up around 8 and we did our family Christmas. She was more excited that we were excited I think. Philip made a big breakfast and then we got ready and headed to my parents! 
Ainsley played for a while at nanny-pop's house and then trying to get her to nap was quite unsuccessful. So when matt and rachel got there we went on and had christmas :) (she did finally take a short nap) 
That night we went to Auntie Jo's and had dinner and played white elephant/dirty santa combined. It is always so interesting and so much fun. 
The next day we just hung out at home and that night had Budde Christmas! We hosted it this year and Mom and Aunt Ellen brought all the food. We had a yummy dinner and such a good time with them. 
Sunday we drove to Louisville to my Uncle Neil and Dale's house, where Uncle Steve, Aunt Teri and Jeff met us (from Texas). We got to visit with them, eat yummy food, see the horses- but Ainsley was almost at the end of her "Christmas rope" and so we brought her home to nap and attempt to recuperate. 
Another wonderful wonderful Christmas for us. Ainsley was so loved and so happy and we couldn't ask for more than that:) 
Next post- MUDBOWL!