Saturday, October 14, 2017

Roomies Reunite

Many months ago Whitney and I decided I needed to come see her. It’s been too long, we needed to hang out. So Philip booked me a flight, Whitney got some time off, and the countdown began. 

I started getting more and more anxious about leaving my kids, especially Parker. He is such a mommas boy and I knew he wouldn’t understand why I wasn’t there to get him up in the morning and put to sleep at night. So there were tears from both of us when I left for the airport, but they didn’t last too long. 

I got in Wednesday evening and Whitney picked me up and we went to Disney Springs for dinner. We had pizza and walked around, catching up. We met Steve back at their house and hung out until I fell asleep on the couch (shocker). She decorated her guest room in picture of my kids so I wouldn’t miss them too much. She also had a fan by my bed because she knows I get hot. 

The next morning Steve made us breakfast and we ate it outside on their patio while we watched some men  fishing. She got my favorite coffee creamer. She’s the best. Then Whitney and I packed up and drove to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. 

We went straight to the beach, obviously. That night we got pedicures and found a Thai restaurant, because that’s what we do. 

The next day, we had coffee and raisinets for breakfast, and I had to drag her out of bed so we could spend the morning back at the beach. 

Once we both had gotten more than enough sun we drove back to her house. We went to Mannys steakhouse for dinner and then went to Epcot. We rode a boat ride and she made us watch some show about the history of America (I took a nap). 

It was a quick trip but so good for our souls. The week before I was questioning why I thought it was a good idea to leave my kids for 3 nights. Philip assured me it was good to get away. {Even though his phone didn’t charge and his alarm didn’t go off the first morning I was gone, thankfully mom was taking the kids to school and woke him up. } He did a great job at shuttling the kids, taking care of them and helping them have fun. I’m lucky I have such a great husband who loves us all so well. And maybe next year I might get crazy and add another night to my trip:) 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Life Lately

Where did September go? In the midst of celebrating birthdays, school & BSF, I forgot to catch up my blog! 

We celebrated one of our favorite people as she turned 6-0. We had a nice girls lunch at Malone’s full of lots of laughing and lots of love for Aunt Ellen. 

Ainsley takes gymnastics once a week and is doing so good at her “bridge” and on the uneven bars (her favorite). 

It’s been crazy hot for September so the splash pad at the Y has stayed open! 

We’ve had lots of play dates with our good friends and made treks to nanny pops house. Ainsley went to “cut and paste studio” for Avery’s birthday and made a treasure box. 

The cousins were in Lindsey’s wedding at Evans Orchard. They all looked adorable and did a great job:)  it was a pretty wedding and now Lindsey is Mrs Roberts:) 

Parker got his first out of the home hair cut, and I am still too traumatized to tell the story. 

We’ve played outside (a lot). 

Last week was fall break. We went to Boo at the Zoo in Louisville with the Browning’s. The kids had a great time and Parker’s face when strangers put candy in his bucket was priceless. He was so happy and was very protective of his bucket. Ainsley got to meet lots of princesses and pose with Moana. 

Our friends moved to TX but came in for alumni weekend at UK. We met them at the orchard and Ainsley was so happy to see her buddy Liam again. We picked apples, played in corn, picked pumpkins and got apple slushees. 

Those are our highlights - here are some random pics I don’t want to forget. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Life Lately

We are settling into "back to school routine" over here. Ainsley is loving preschool and is learning to write her name better and better. Parker is adjusting (I think). They go Tues/Thurs mornings and are just down the road from our house. 

BSF has started back on Wednesday mornings- we are studying Romans this year. I have 16 women in my group and I am really excited about this year. The Lord is already working! 

So that leaves Friday-Monday for us to to have no schedules and still enjoy being. We have been to the Orchard, played at the Y, went hiking with Bubby&fam, and hung out at home. 

Last weekend we met everyone at Festival of the Horse. The parade was subpar but the rides, food and company were not:) 

Our family life looks a lot different than it did this time last year. Philip becoming director has really been so great for us. He is home a lot more, especially in the evenings. It's been refreshing and strengthening for us as a couple and as parents. We were able to volunteer together at Jesus Prom this past weekend, which was incredible to do together. We were assigned to the medical room and were  pretty busy, which we both enjoyed. 

Thank you Uncle Steve and Aunt Teri for watching our babies so we could do that! 

Hoping the cool weather comes back and sticks this time- so tired of the heat for the year!