Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

As I sit here with toys exploded all over the living room, the dishwasher cleaning dishes from the day, Philip working a night shift, i feel so joyful. Usually I am sinking into my post- Christmas depression at this point. But this year feels different. This year my hope wasn’t in the 25th of December. This year my hope is in knowing that on this day, my savior was born on this earth. Immanuel- God with us. And THAT is a reason to be joyful. 

We spent today a little different than we have in the past. We stayed home, in our pjs, and spent the day just playing. And resting. And it was wonderful. I was a little sad that our tradition of Christmas morning at Mom and Dads didn’t happen- but lives and schedules have changed and so we adapt. 

On the 23 Aunt Annie had her annual brunch and this year Tiffany and the kids were able to be there. After that we put the kids down for naps at Mom and Dads (Ainsley has been napping this week due to pure exhaustion) and then we watched Christmas Vacation / cat napped in the basement. We had a nice dinner with GG & Aunt Ellen at Mom& Dads then we opened presents and had such a good time.

Christmas Eve we went to church in the morning, and Ainsley wanted to come to “big church” with us. Having her there was sweet and she loved the singing and lights. 

We went to brunch with the Stearleys which was nice and gluttonous;) 

 That afternoon we celebrated with Dana Brian and Lindsay. Uncle Bri always gets the kids fun gifts that they love, and this year was no exception. 

We had one present under the tree that the kids could open on Christmas Eve. Of course Ainsley remembered and was ready to open the box she had been eyeing! It was mouse trap and the 4 of us had such a good time playing it.

We set out cookies and carrots by the fireplace, and Ainsley was very worrried Santa would make the house dirty when he came down the chimney. Philip read the kids “the night before Christmas” and then we threatened Ainsley with her life not to get out of her bed until we said it was ok.

That morning Ainsley ran to the banister and looked over to see if Santa had come. Parker kept pointing to the plate with crumbs and saying “ate it all!”. Ainsley got just what she asked for, and Parker’s Batman was a huge hit. I made breakfast and we chowed down, then Nanny and Pop spent the rest of the day playing with us and all of our new toys. 

Philip had to work that night, so i picked up really bad Chinese food for dinner and watched a cheesy Christmas movie after the kids were in bed. 

So yes, this Christmas was different from years past. But as my mom reminded me , we have been given the greatest gift one can receive, and we will rejoice in that. Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas. and the May the Force be with you, always:) 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Life Lately , Christmas Edition

I can’t believe Christmas is 5 days away! I can feel the post Christmas depression lurking already! But we have been jingling all the way:) 

We kicked off our celebrations with Christmas at Joys. We had breakfast for dinner (a fabulous tradition) and every one of us got spoiled by Gramma, Uncle Bri and Aunt Lindsay:) 

The next day Princess Ainsley got to attend a Royal Princess Ball with her cousin Anna Beth. They loved meeting the princess and even got to be “coronated” by Cinderella. After that the girls sort of lost steam and didn’t want to dance and sing songs with everyone. But they were happy with seeing all of their favorites, so it wasn’t a total bust. 

That night Philip had to work and i decided to take the kids to look at Christmas lights. We made popcorn and put on our pajamas and drove around the neighborhood, then to the Christmas house on Chinoe. The kids got excited when the pretty lights were on “their side” of the car :) 

We had a work party in Morehead for Philips work family.

And we had Christmas with the Buddes at GGs place. 

So thankful for so many things this year, especially these kids i get to call mine. But most importantly, the birth of our precious savior. 
Jesus it’s almost your birthday!!