Friday, August 18, 2017

2 year party- Parker!

Parker is all boy. It's funny how his personality is so much "boy" when he was raised the same way (with mostly pink toys and dolls at first) that Ainsley was. He loves balls, sports, running, smashing, and CARS. And since we have an abundance of cars in our garage and driveway, why not utilize them for decorations:) 

We rented a cars themed bounce house and kept the food simple since it's a mid-morning party. 

Parker was in awe as they blew up the bounce house. It was a huge hit, and after the party and naps we hooked the hose up to the slide and let Ainsley and Parker have a blast in it! 

The party was a lot of fun! We sang to Parker as he gave us all his classic Parker face (pictured below). We had lots of friends and family who came to celebrate our sweet boy. We felt so much love today and we know Parker did too. As evidenced by his 3.5 hour nap. Poor boy was begging for his "bankee and baba" at the end of the party. Success! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Parker : 2 years

I have been putting off writing this entry because I am having a hard time with accepting the fact that my baby boy is two. It feels like literally 2 days ago he came racing into this world, and he hasn't slowed down since. 

Weight: TBD after appt Wednesday! 

Size: 2T 
Diapers: size 6 
Shoe: 7.5 wide 

Some things we want to remember
He is the most joyful child, smiling laughing and being mischievous however he can. 
He has had stitches twice and one staple (all lovingly placed by his dada)
His vocabulary is expanding daily and he's now putting two and three words together. 
He calls every Disney princess "Mo-nona" 
He sleeps with his beloved "baba" (paci), "bankee", and "Chewbaba" every night. 
He is learning colors and guesses green first every time. 
He is fearless in pretty much any situation. 
Loves the water and will jump into a pool (with floaties on), pop up, swim to steps and repeat. 
Favorite TV shows: "Tye-gee" and Paw Patrol 
Called lemonade "oh-nee" 
Favorite food: pizza and any fruit
Loves taunting his sister (he learned from the best-her) but also gives in quickly and does what she says 
He gets most excited to see Pop and never just says Pop but screams "POPPPPPPP!!!!!" Every.time.
He sees the John Deer logo and says "papa" 

We spent his actual birthday camping and on the lake for the solar eclipse. He woke up in his tent, we made pancakes with sprinkles, and he got to open a gift from us and the gift sissy picked out for him. 

I think it was a pretty special way to turn 2! 

We love you so much Parker and we can't tell you how much pure joy you bring to our lives each day. 
Happy Birrhday sweet boy. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Life Lately

I don't even know what we have been up to lately haha. Our days are full of trips to the Y, the pool, playing in the back yard, and "doing fun things" as Ainsley says. 

The bluegrass fair came to town and we met up with some friends and the kids had a blast! 

Mom and I took Ainsley to the Lexington Children's Theater performance of Beauty and the Beast. Ainsley donned every Belle accessory she had (plus some extra ) and she loved the show! Well, until intermission then she lost interest. 

Our family from GA came in and so we spent a lot of time in Georgetown, which of course the kids loved. 

We've really just been enjoying summer and the freedom it gives us in our schedules! 

Now if only the hellish heat would go away I'd be one happy momma!