Friday, June 16, 2017

Camping, Dancing

Monday night we had our first Wilhoite cousin camping trip! My cousin Tiffany and her kids are visiting from GA and Matt and my dad put together such a fun night of camping way back on the Wilhoite farm. We all went back for a bonfire and roasted hot dogs; had dinner and hiked around. Parker (we deemed him Pig Pen) was filthy and so happy. Then when it was Millie and Parker's bedtime, all of the "big girls" left and Matt, Philip, JC and Dad were left to camp with the 6 kids. Ainsley kept getting off her cot to check on her glowsticks that Philip made her leave outside the tent.   And Anna Beth slept in the tent with Makayla, Tyndall and Emma (I still can't believe this). Matt said Ainsley was the kid that wouldn't stop talking lol 
In true Matt fashion, at 6am on the dot, he flung open his truck doors and played trumpets blaring. Ainsley slept through the entire thing and no one could believe it. Ainsley had a great time and has been taking about it nonstop. It makes me so happy she is making memories, with her cousins, on the farm, the same way I did when I was her age. I wish my Grandma could see it, it would make her so happy. 
camping in the playroom!  

Thursday night, Ainsley started "preschool dance" class. She has been asking to take ballet and I was hoping she would change her mind but she was insistent. This class is ballet for the first half and tap for the second. I have to admit she looked so cute, even with her butt cheeks hanging out (she wouldn't wear tights). She seemed to really enjoy it. Whitney has convinced me ballet is a good thing for her :) Regardless, I will always be on the sidelines taking pictures, videos and blowing kisses back. 
Yay summertime!!! 
girls night!  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Life Lately

We are in full summer mode! Ainsley is actually sleeping in (usually past 8!) these days. Parker is begging to take an afternoon nap (no problem buddy!), and I am actually reading some books and relaxing:) 
Vacation seemed to be really good for Ainsley and Parker's relationship. She's stepped into the "big sister" role (finally). She wants to help put him to bed, sing him a song and give him his blanky. She calls him "sweet boy" and has just been much kinder to him. 
We have been hitting up the neighborhood pool, having play dates with friends, and hanging out with family. Philip and I were pleasnetly surprised how much easier the pool was this year. Last year Parker was learning to walk and we had to pretty much hold on to him the whole time. 
 Parker also had another visit to the Overall dining room table, securing himself another set of stitches. He is definitely challenging our parenting and we are learning that parenting him looks different from how we parent A. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Last week we took our first vacation with friends! We went to Orange Beach, AL, right next to Gulf Shores. We decided to split the drive down into two days. Nanny packed car activities for the kids and Ainsley loved playing travel bingo, stickers, and coloring. We took our time getting past Birmingham. Stopping at rest stops to run around, to eat lunch, etc. but we made good time, found a good hotel- went to dinner and played at the pool that night. 
Ryan and Kim caught up to us that night and checked into a hotel across the street. So the next morning we met up with them to finish the last few hours to get to the beach house! The kids were so excited to get there and finally be at the beach. 
 Kim and I took off for the grocery and stocked up for the week. We only ate dinner out twice, and ordered pizza the last night. We made lots of yummy dinners and Ryan made us all breakfast almost every morning. 
The house we rented was much too big for our two families. But we got a good deal on it, and it was nice to have room to spread out. Parker and Jack did have their own master bedrooms though lol. Ainsley slept in the pink room, of course, with two bunk beds. And she was so happy to sleep on the top bunk. We had our own pool and were right on the beach, which was so convenient. 
We spent most of our days going back and forth between the ocean, the pool, and back to the beach after naps. At nap time Philip would usually go fishing and I would sit outside and read, or Kim and I would head to the pool. 
We were both surprised at how much Ainsley loved the beach. She doesn't love to get wet or dirty. But she loved running in the sand, looking for shells, getting knocked down by waves, and running all over the beach. 
Parker couldn't decide if he loved the beach or hated it. Some days he would be so happy to run and let the waves chase him. Some days he would just scream and point back to the house wanting to go back. He was always happy at the pool though. 
Philip and Ryan went deep sea fishing the first morning we were there. They each caught their allowed 2 red snapper and brought them home to cook and eat. I had cereal and Doritos instead. But they had a good time and spent lots of time shore fishing. They were pretty successful and the kids had fun with it too. 
The weather was pretty cloudy for the week, but I enjoyed not being hot and not having to worry about the kids frying. The one morning it rained all morning we went to an indoor arcade/ laser tag. 
And we played games inside and went fishing indoors. 
And we did venture outside the house. We went to dinner 2 nights and one morning we went to the gulf state park. And we also went to a pier several miles down from our house and got ice cream and watched people catch fish. This is also where I almost got attacked by a pelican and left scratch marks on Ryan. 
Several nights after we put the kids to bed we played cards and just hung out. Some nights we passed out on the couch. It was so relaxing and we all slept so good there. The hour time difference threw the kids off a bit but not terrible. 
We didn't want to leave, but made it back in good time. We drove straight home and both kids were so good. I think they were just exhausted from the week and happy to watch movies in the car (thanks to Uncle Bubby!). 
 We all got along really well, with the exception of the toddlers arguing over toys every now and then. It was relaxing (for the most part), restful and fun. Can we go back now?? :)