Saturday, December 16, 2017

Deck the Halls

This year was a little different for us, as Ainsley and Parker are both in preschool at the same times. So they both had Christmas parties on Thursday, and luckily i was able to be at both of them. 

Then they both had their Christmas programs Friday. Parker’s was at 9, Ainsleys at 12. So their cheering squad went to brunch in between:) 
I was pleasantly shocked at how Parker did. He stood on that stage and did almost every motion to the songs. I could tell he was learning because at night he has been asking me to sing twinkle twinkle and then he does the little hand motions. And after Ainsleys statue like previous performances, seeing Parker do it all made me so happy! 

Ainsley (black eye and all) stood next to her best friend Jaxon which i think gave her some confidence. She mouthed the words and did a small version of all the hand motions, careful never to raise her hands above her waist. But this was progress! 

We also had our 8th annual Overall Christmas Party on Sunday! Philip and I both agreed it was one of the more enjoyable ones for us. The kids don’t have to be hovered over, people mingled better, and we were able to actually visit with people and enjoy the night. 

We also had our Christmas party with Philips friends. We do a potluck dinner, exchange names among the kids, and then do a gift card exchange with the adults. It’s always fun and there are so many kids now! 

We are officially on Christmas Break and our first Christmas starts tonight with Joy! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Life Lately

I just love the Christmas season. I love the lights everywhere. I love sitting in front of my tree drinking my coffee reminiscing from the ornaments. I love that my kids wake up every morning excited to open their Christmas box from nanny. And then they put their nativity piece on their advent calendar. It’s just such a sweet time and i enjoy it more than any other time of the year. 

These kids are cracking me up with their inflatable. Ainsley has to go talk to Mary all the time. I’m not sure what she tells her. Parker is obsessed with baby Jesus. 

We have been some cookie decorating fools over here. We went to the Stearleys and made cookies then decorated them. And we also went to GGs to decorate cookies with family. 

We also took the kids to see Santa. Ainsley is killing me changing her mind every 5 seconds about what she wants from “Santa”. She was so set on what she wanted last year and never waivered! Anyway Ainsley loved meeting Santa and Parker was a bit skeptical. He kept saying “don’t want to!” as we got closer to Santa. Candy cane bribes do wonders for a 2 year old. 

Christmas 2017 is off to a good start:) 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I am ecstatic! We decorated for Christmas this past weekend. We put our tree up, which Ainsley absolutely loved doing. And the bottom foot of the tree is very much ornament heavy and it makes me happy. Parker kept pulling the stockings down and trying to put them on his feet. And trying to throw the round ornaments. 

Philip and my brother hung our Christmas lights this year (what would we do without Bubby). 7 hours later, we had a lighted house just in time for dusk:) 

And we also had a sore, semi- injured husband. 

Our backyard connects with like 5 other back yards making a large open area around back. One of our neighbors decorated one of their trees in their back yard with lights, and my kids love looking at from the windows. So Philip decided he would let the kids pick out one inflatable to put up in the back. We took them to Lowe’s and Ainsley immediately wanted Mary and baby jesus ( i mean how do you argue with that?). It was the last one and the nice man climbed up and pulled it down from the display. We set it up and the kids are in love with it! 

We (read: Philip) also put up lights around our back porch. Not just for Christmas though I’m leaving these babies up year round! 

It isn’t even December 1 yet, and i only have a few gifts left to buy, am mailing out our cards tomorrow, and am ready to just enjoy the month ahead! 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Thanksgiving week kicked off with festivities at the kids preschool. I had to be at BSF super early so Philip was in charge of getting the kids up and ready and to school. Parker had his thanksgiving feast where they made turkey hats. Ainsley has real pumpkin muffins at school and made a picture of the Mayflower. When asked what she was thankful for, Ainsley stated “people. And trees”. So there ya go. 

Wednesday Ainsley used her last coupon in her 2017 coupon book that Gramma Joy gives her and they went to the aquarium. 

While Ainsley was gone, things took an unexpected turn and I ended up spending the next 8 hours in the ER with my parents (who spent over 12 hours in the ER). My dad fell on the farm and cut his eye. He was transferred from gtown to UK where he ended up needing a specialized surgery to repair his eyelid and tear duct. After a few set backs and one incompetent resident, Daddy finally had surgery and got home about 3am. Aunt Ellen spent the last (and latest) leg at the hospital and played cards with mom during surgery. I begged Mom to postpone Thanksgiving dinner until Friday but her and Dad insisted and just pushed the time from 11 to 4:30. 

So we were a little tired but happy to be together. We had a wonderful meal full of delicious food and delightful company. And mom and dad both got a good nights rest. 

So this year we are especially thankful that Dads eye will heal. And that our God is a God who hears us when we cry out to Him. 

Now here are some pics of my cute kids bc i can’t think about dads poor eye anymore. 

Peace out thanksgiving, Christmas- come to Momma!