Monday, December 30, 2013

MudBowl 2013

Our family has an annual tradition to play football in my Grandma's front yard. This was the 21st (XXI) year for our game. We used to play the weekend after Thanksgiving, but have started playing the weekend after Christmas when our cousins Tiffany and Johnny are in from GA. It used to always be rainy and muddy when we played. Now it is usually snowy and cold:) This year the weather was actually really nice! 
Crystal was a good sport and played, even though she doesn't really want to:) Mike Petty always brings his older girls. Emily and Whitney come if they can (both missed out this year). Auntie Jo changes the sign every year to the correct roman numerals. She also makes all of us lunch after the game. Aunt Annie and Mom are the official cheerleaders. Also joining the cheerleading squad this year was Ainsley, Emma, Reagan, Riley, Tyndall, Makayla, and my Dad. Rachel and Uncle Rick were the official photographers. April even played for a bit. Philip was sleeping and sadly missed out. 

Everyone always complains after the game about how out of shape they are. about how they 'aren't playing next year'. blah blah. the tradition will continue! The only casualty of the game was mine. Joey's hand accidentally to my face as we both went for the ball. 
Luckily it was only a bruise and no bleeding or breaking! :) 

At the end of the game, everyone votes for the player with the 'best sportsmanship'. it used to be MVP but now we vote for this. Everyone signs the ball and the winner gets to take it home. I have won once a few years ago, and my football is proudly displayed on our mantel. As is Johnny's from last year. and as Matt's should be after this year. 
I was sort of hoping i would get the sympathy vote for my injury, but it didn't happen. cold hearted people! 

Anyway, the grey team (me, Mike, Matt, Jessie, Johnny and Adeline ) won. by two touchdowns! go team wilhoite!! :) 

Here are some pics from our fun day. I love my family so much. 
look at that serious action form Crystal and me 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

 I always put off this post. I hate the 'Christmas Recap' post. because it means Christmas is over for another year. all the excitement and anticipation- gone. I am officially in my post christmas depression. referred to as PCD in this house. Philip has been asking me every day to write our Christmas blog. So i finally am accepting that it's over, and it's time. 
ok, just kidding (sort of) All sadness aside, we had an amazing Christmas. Our first Christmas was Budde Christmas at Aunt Ellen's. Philip got to make it for a few hours in the morning then had to get to bed because he worked that night. As usual, Aunt Ellen spoiled us all rotten. Especially little Ainsley. We always have such a good time at her house, eating, laughing, opening presents, eating, laughing, (this year) watched UK game, eating, and more laughing:) it was such a fun time. I, somehow, did not take a single picture. The ones I have are from Grandma. Ainsley was not feeling well that day so my thoughts were on her instead of pics:/ 
meeting uncle steve! 

aunt ellen's boys sniffing out ainsley's baby doll from GG 
new robes from Aunt Teri! 
Ainsley and I got to go to Aunt Annie's Christmas Eve brunch this year! it is my favorite meal of the year. I look forward to it so much. and ainsley got to enjoy the yummy food too this time! well, some of it:) Emma and Ainsley wore matching dresses that Mom and Aunt Annie made for them. 
a tea party- Emma's favorite 
That evening Philip's Dad, Kelly and Brian came over to our house! We had such a nice Christmas with them and Ainsley loved having everyone to her house:) Ainsley didnt quite grasp the 'open presents' concept, but she loved the boxes and bags haha:) we all got wonderful gifts and then the boys played with their new toys while us girls hung out and watched. 



That night we had our family Christmas. We always do it on Christmas Eve because Christmas Day is usually pretty hectic for us. 
can't forget the fur babies!  
stockings first! 



not sure about this Aunt Melody! 

thanks for the earrings hubs! 
That morning we woke up and headed over to Philip's mom's house. She made us a delicious breakfast, that Ainsley also got to enjoy:) Ainsley got spoiled and Joy promised to 'do better next year' haha:) We had such a nice morning and after we left,  Joy packed up to head to MI the next day! 
'my other car seat is in a Porsche'
Doctor and Nurse books! 
From there we headed to Georgetown for the rest of the day. Jackson got to come with us which was the best Christmas present he could have gotten :) It was different not being at my parents bright and early Christmas morning, but it all worked out so well. Our christmas with my parents was so wonderful. Mom made appetizers and we all grazed and opened presents and Ainsley played with Nana and Pop and her new toys:) Jax got to four wheel:)


playing with Pop's new drill 

mom opening her coveted hammock swing! 

That evening we went to Auntie Jo's for dinner and white elephant/Dirty Santa present exchange. Emily came to participate. Bringing in a non-family member is always dangerous because they get picked on. One of the gifts was chosen just for Emily and it was so hilarious! 

telling the "channel L" story 
emily's kindergarten pic. in the fridge. 

Ainsley slept all over 40 minutes on Christmas Day. those 40 minutes were in the car from one place to the next. She could not miss one little thing. So much like her momma;) She was so happy though and didn't even fall asleep on the car ride home:) So glad she loved her first Christmas!  

So we had such a great Christmas. God has blessed us in so many ways. with amazing family, a perfect daughter (to us!), and time to just reflect on the gift that Jesus was/is to our world. 
While it is bittersweet that Ainsley's first Christmas has come and gone, we couldn't have asked for a better one for her. We already looking forward to next year's Christmas with her:)

I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas as well, and got to spend lots of time with family loving on each other like we did.