Monday, January 30, 2017


Remember I told you that while I was busy planning a secret trip to Greenbrier, Philip was also busy planning a trip? I wondered why his brother texted me questioning the dates of our trip I had planned. Apparently Philip had contacted him to help with kids, and Brian was hoping the dates didn't overlap. 

Once I learned of the plans for his getaway, I told him no way I would leave the kids twice in one month. But after talking to him and my parents about it, mom convinced me that keeping the kids 2 nights at a time, in two separate weeks, was better than keeping them for a week all at once:) She told me I should go with him, and I finally agreed. 

I have to admit I was not very excited about this trip. Vegas has never been somewhere I have had a desire to go. But, Philip had bought a new race car, called a "Radical" that was living at a race track right outside of Vegas, and he wanted to spend some time there learning his car and doing some training with it before he shipped it here. 

We flew out early Thursday evening and arrived in Vegas early afternoon (vegas time). Philip had rented a convertible, of course, so we picked that up and drove just outside of the city. We arrived at the resort after it was dark, got checked in and a map of the small town. We decided to go find a mexican restaurant and had a late (for us) dinner, then went back and crashed. 
The next day Philip had a full day of racing planned in his new car. He had an instructor for the day who was so nice and apparently a big deal in the car world out there. I spent the morning reading on the balcony, watching the race cars go by, had a massage Philip had booked for me, and watching Philip drive around in his new contraption while I threw question after question to his instructor about this new car. 
We left the resort around 2 that afternoon and got into Vegas close to 4. We drove with the top down for a short while, but it was 40 something degrees and shivering wasn't worth it to me. We drove down Las Vegas Boulevard so I could see everything, since I'd never been. We found The Venetian and got checked into our room. We got ready for the night, and then walked the strip. The first thing we saw was a man pulling a stuffed tiger on roller skates. We were like what in the world? He turned around and we saw a fake baby in a baby carrier strapped to the man pulling the tiger, and realized he was dressed up like the guy from the Hangover! I tried to get a picture as fast as I could to send to Whitney, but I wasn't quick enough to get a good one. We also saw Spiderman, Olaf, several Pichachus, Jack Sparrow, the Joker, and some nudity. 
 We had diner under heated lamps on a patio of a french restaurant. The food was so good and we joked it was the best Parisian food we had ever had (neither of us were a fan of the food we ate in actual Paris). After that we walked around a bit more then went back to the hotel's casino. I played my penny slots and Philip played his 3 card poker. Once I was confident we had lost enough money, I told him it was time to go. He wanted one more hand at the poker table. and boy am I glad he did. He ended up winning what I consider a lot of money, so I could leave Vegas a happy girl.
The next day was spent flying home and changing time zones, but we made it home in time for me to put Parker to bed and I was so happy I got to see them both before bedtime:) 
It was a very fun trip and I am very happy I decided to go. We had a very relaxing, carefree time together. And it allowed me to be there as he tested out his new prized possession, which I know was important to him. Leaving my kids is hard for me to do, so thank you to those who cared for them while we were gone. I know they enjoyed getting to spend time with their family while we were off galavanting out West:) 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Life Lately

I feel like once Parker started walking, all of my productivity went out the window :) I struggle with not being able to get anything done in the days that Philip works. some days I feel like not only can I not get anything done, but I am actually counter-productive. for example I was folding laundry one morning, came into the kitchen to find all the tupperware pulled out of the cabinet. I cleaned that up, looked around for Parker and finally found him in the laundry room, all my folded clothes in disarray and sprinkled with dog food. That pretty much sums up most of my days lately :) 
However, I am learning to love these days more than I have before. I registered Ainsley for her last year of preschool and it hit me that before I know it, she will be in kindergarten. I went back and forth about how many days a week to put her in preschool. After talking to Philip and praying about it, we stuck with two days a week. My thinking is- she has the rest of her life to be in school every day. 
pj & pancake day at school!
This past year I also became a BSF leader. It has been fulfilling and challenging in many ways. I am learning a lot about myself, Jesus and the Word. And am making some really good friendships with women around Lexington. Most importantly, we are seeking the Lord's heart. 
The much anticipated YMCA opened just down the road from us (takes me 17 minutes to walk there with double stroller). It has been such a blessing for our whole family. The kids love going to the playroom while I take an exercise class (well, Parker had a few issues but they have been resolved thanks to his feisty mama bear). If Philip is home we will take the kids swimming in the indoor pool, and Ainsley has become quite a little fish. She has also started taking gymnastics there on Monday nights. She seems to really enjoy it, and the atmosphere fits her much better than where she took gymnastics last year. She is learning toe touches, back somersaults, balance beam (doing ice cream scoops), and cartwheels (well some version of a cartwheel). Parker also loves the gym and when it is open, we take him in and let him "play" basketball. Every time we walk into the Y he points to the gym and asks "ball? ball?" 
 Ainsley is at such a sweet yet infuriating age. Disciplining her is a challenge and some days I am at a loss with how to make her grasp what is right. But most of the time, she is a smart, tenderhearted, laughing ball of energy. 
Parker is learning new things every day. His new favorite thing is to use his spoon and fork to eat. he is so proud of himself when he gets food into his mouth with a utensil. He is understanding so much of what we say, yet still not saying that many words. right now he says mama, dada, ball, uh (the first part of uh-oh), and signs more, please, thank you and all done. 
Tonight, we are having "Star Wars" night. We are watching Episode 7, The Force Awakens, each of us with our light sabers, and ainsley is cheering on Poe and Rey (but makes sure we fast forward the part where Finn has the blood). 
Life is exhausting, but good these days:) 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Philip's big Christmas gift this year, was a weekend getaway. It's hard to have a conversation let alone quality time, with two tiny people constantly demanding your attention. I felt like a few days for just the two of us would do us both good. (clearly he was thinking the same thing, since unbeknownst to me, he was planning a 2 night trip as a surprise as well). 
I did research to lots of different places and decided to go somewhere we had never been. I chose the Greenbrier Resort in WV. It looked historic, which I knew Philip would love, and relaxing, which I knew I would love. 
the original chandelier from the movie "Gone with the Wind" 
We had a very relaxing two nights away. When we got there we checked in and walked around checking the place out. That night we went to the resort steak house and then the casino. We were in bed by 10. 
I had a bottle of champagne waiting for him to congratulate him on a promotion at work 
the next morning we slept in, got room service (which we hadn't done since our honeymoon), we played chess in the lobby, took naps, and then went to dinner and the casino again (we both came out winning !). 
For us, the weekend was more about having uninterrupted conversation, quality time, and sleeping:) Which we did. The resort was very fancy. There was a dress code. Tea was served every day at 3pm. There was a waltz every night at 10pm. Just very fancy (aka not exactly my scene). So while it was fun to go and experience somewhere new, I am not dying to go back. Especially after we got the bill and they charged all kinds of random taxes and extras to every transaction. I mean, what is a beautification gratification fund? :) 
But we were so thankful for time away and to be able to rest. Thankful for me parents who chased our crazy kids and loved on them while we were gone.