Thursday, October 29, 2015

Monday and a goldfish

Life with a toddler is never boring. Ainsley cracks us up at the things she says and does. and sometimes the laughing turns to frustration and anger, but that seems to be all part of it. sometimes she's the sweetest little girl , sometimes she makes you want to smack her. sometimes she listens, sometimes she doesn't. and sometimes she does something that makes you think 'what in the heck what she thinking'. 

Mondays are always long for me. We have activities tues, wed and thurs mornings but nothing planned on mondays. So making it to the end of a monday is always an accomplishment. i did it! i kept a newborn alive and a toddler entertained for 12+ hours. go me! 

So Monday night, Ainsley and I were watching Peter Pan before bed time. she gets to watch 15-20 minutes of a movie of her choice at night before bed. So we were sitting on our bed, ainsley having a snack and watching a movie. When she looks at me and says ' it's stuck mommy. the goldfish is stuck'. I looked at her and inquired as to where it was stuck. and she replied with ' in my nose'. I took a deep breath. and then proceeded to look up her nostril where I did in fact see a goldfish. how much of a goldfish I could not tell. and she was not very forthcoming with the information. I attempted to touch it but it was too far back. and ainsley doesn't really know how to 'blow out' of her nose. when you tell her to she only manages to suck air UP. so when I would tell her to blow her nose, she was just sucking it farther back up. she was looking at me and asking me to 'get it out please mommy'. So for first time ever I had to call Philip at work (like on the department phone because he didn't answer his cell phone). And philip said I might need to bring her to him, in Morehead, so he can get it out. y'all, it is 845 at night. My 2 month old is asleep. it's pouring rain. and it's a monday. 

I take her in the bathroom and occlude her other nostril and show her how i want to blow out her nose. she tries several times unsuccessfully. but then all of a sudden seems to get it and a soggy goldfish comes flying out of her nose. she screams "i did it! it's out! i'm all better!" and proceeds to ask for a band aid. I'm so happy at the crisis averted. and then I hear Parker has woken up from his sister screaming… 

but the goldfish is out. and the baby went back to sleep. and ainsley left her clothes on all night that night. so we survived Monday… barely ;) 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2 months

 I have officially fallen in love with another boy. I could kiss his cheeks off I love him so much. 
2 month stats
Weight:11lbs 15 oz (56%) one ounce away from 12:) 
Height: 23 1/4in (62%) 
OFC: 40cm (51%) 

size: he is in 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. he didn't stay in newborn very long:( 

eat/sleep: currently he starts his day around 7am. he takes 4-4.5 oz every 3 hours during the day (sometimes he will only take 3 or 3.5). he still typically only stays awake 1-1.5 hours at a time. He falls asleep around 830 pm and we dream feed him at 10. from there he sleeps until 3 or 4am. I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night, but he is wide awake at that time and it takes me about an hour to get him back to sleep. he is currently sleeping in his rock n play in the living room. we swaddle him at night and use white noise. once he is sleeping all night we will transition to his room and then his crib.
even SuperMan needs his sleep 
physical: eyes are still blue but not the baby grey, they are lightening up some. not sure what color they will be! 
he has some curl to the top of his head and i love it. he is starting to get hair on the lower half of his head finally, looking less like an old grandpa:) he has a widows peak and a cowlick on his right side:) 
his cheeks are starting to get chubby:) 
baby curl
new things
best thing this month: he smiles! such a sweet sweet smile 
he is so happy in the mornings. he just grins and grins. its a great way to wake up for sure. 
he is still fussy a lot of evenings but not nearly as bad as he was the first month. 
he likes to lay on his back and half roll side to side (so happy he will let us lay on him back now!) 
his happy place is his swing, preferably so he can see out the window 
he loves lights 
he loves when he can see ainsley and she talks to him. this doesn't happen all the time, but if she's in a good mood she is very sweet to him. otherwise she prefers not to be too close to him or let you hold him. 
he is tracking people as they move in front of him
he does NOT like to be messed with. I put coconut oil on his face and scalp (cradle cap/acne) and he HATES it. 
he loves bath time 
so happy sister shared her hippo with him
first tie- to church 
month 2 has been much more enjoyable for us. he is starting to develop his little personality and he seems much happier, which makes us happy. it really makes my heart hurt at how big he is already. if he is our last baby, i want him to slow down and not get too big too fast so I can soak it up.
happy two months little man! We love you so much. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

more pumpkins and family

We had some more fall fun and fun with pumpkins:)
Last Thursday, Ainsley went on her first field trip and it was to Evans Orchard (our favorite!). She has a season pass so feels very comfortable there, which made it hard to keep her reigned in. Lucky for me, mom and aunt ellen met me there and took Parker so I could focus on being with (chasing) Ainsley. Plus I got to visit with the other moms and get to know them a little better (thank you all!!)  
a tour on how they make apple cider 
tasting the cider 
snack time with her class  
picking out her pumpkin
 That evening, Philip's family from Michigan arrived for a weekend visit. We celebrated Brian's birthday at our house sans Philip (he had to work). Everyone got to meet Parker and love on him. 
Uncle Bri let her stick her hands in the icing…. 
Friday night we had dinner at Joy's house (sans poor Philip again) and then saturday the crew came back to our house to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game and have dinner. I was upstairs when I heard a profane word yelled out of Uncle Ted's mouth- thus telling me his team did not win. We had such a good time visiting with Grape Grandma, Papa, Uncle Ted, Aunt Carol, Danielle and Taylor. Ainsley was a little unsure of (terrified may be a better word) of Uncle Ted for some reason. But after a gift of Sven the reindeer and some fist and elbow bumps, she warmed up on their last night here. Ainsley had so much fun playing with everyone, especially papa. We wish they lived closer as we always love spending time with them. Philip was disappointed he couldn't get more time off to spend with them. 
walking with papa and grandma's canes. the next morning she woke up and said "my black and pink candy canes are all gone mommy. I need to have them back" in a pitiful voice. it took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about. 
Last night we had a fun family night of carving an extra big pumpkin I picked up at the orchard. I wanted a big one so I could do this with it …
Philip and Ainsley scooped out the insides and saved the seeds. I toasted the seeds and ainsley actually liked them! Then Philip carved the pumpkin and Ainsley watched. 
Yay for Fall time in the Bluegrass:) 
Oh, and when we checked on Ainsley yesterday morning this is what we saw on the monitor: 
Totally naked. pjs off. night time diaper, off. sleeping. she was very proud of herself and couldn't stop laughing when we went to get her up. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pumpkins 2015

Our annual tradition of making a pumpkin family has continued! 
Last week we went to Evans Orchard and picked out our pumpkins that we would later assemble. 
Ainsley of course was a big help:) 

Then tonight we put them together and made the 6th Overall pumpkin family (I can't believe this is the sixth year we have done this!) 
"stop crying parker" 
It was a little different this year- I was trying to get Parker to stop crying and Ainsley was constantly moving the pumpkins around and throwing acorns:) but it was fun nonetheless. The weather is finally fall weather and we are not missing the heat of the summer (yet). 

Life is starting to getting a little more settled around here, although I have come to the realization that we are going to live in chaos for a few years. and that is ok. it is happy chaos (usually). 
Parker seems to be getting better and more happy every day, and for that we are so thankful. Ainsley's sweet heart is shining through more and more and we are so proud of the little lady she is becoming. 

Here are some updated pics for those of you missing these faces:) 
hairdryer going so i can get ready- whatever works 
fun trip to Gatti Town 
ainsley and her friends in their princess dresses 
play date with our friends. all of us had girls, then boys- what are the odds!