Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Momma's Weekend Getaway

Several months ago some of my friends from Georgetown College started planning a girls trip. We went back and forth about location and length. It was decided that the trip would be to Asheville, NC for a long weekend. I almost didn't even ask Philip about it. I didn't really see any way a) he would get off all weekend and b) that I could leave the two of them. But I did mention it to him. and he immediately said 'you're going'. Don't get me wrong, of course I wanted to see these girls and spend time with them. we are all scattered around various cities and states at this point. but I am a home body. and a family girl. so i didn't want to leave my family, at home, without me. but- I did. and I am so glad that I went. 
Ann and I drove up a day later than the other girls so that she didn't have take any time off work. The drive over was right at about 4 hours and was so pretty. the leaves were changing and the mountains were just gorgeous. plus, I got to catch up with Ann. 

We rented a 4 bedroom house for 8 of us. We got there Friday night and the girls had just gotten back from a drum circle (they videotaped it for us!) and brought pizza home with them. We just hung out that night and did girly things like nails, gossip and played games:) 

The next morning 5 of us went to the Biltmore. I had never been and really wanted to see it. It was such a beautiful fall day for it. We toured the house, the gardens and of course the winery. We were a little on a time schedule because we had tickets to a comedy bus tour at 6pm. But we had time to see most everything and for a tasting of several different wines. forewarning: no cell phones are allowed in the house. not just for picture taking apparently: AT ALL. I was reminded on more than one occasion. 
The bus tour was HILARIOUS and i would recommend to anyone that goes there to visit. We had dinner and spent some time downtown that night. We had plans to have brunch the next morning but due to several of the girls sleeping in;) we didn't make brunch. I was home in time to spend the evening with Philip and Ainsley before we both worked on Monday. I missed her so.much. but it was good for both of us. 
SHE, got to spend the weekend playing with Daddy:) Philip rallied the troops and took her to the aquarium with his brother, dad, and his dad's fiancee. She loves animals and had such a good time. I loved getting text pics from him. she was even so tuckered out that she fell asleep in the car on the way home. with 4 people in the car with her. i was shocked! she never does this anymore!!
kissing "ally" 

that night she went to a crab boil at Dana's neighborhood. she seemed to enjoy crab and had an even better time playing on the putting greens:) 
Sunday morning I got a text saying "we just got to church and I realized I forgot to put her panties on her". i busted out laughing. I always tell him to cover her diaper up! what a sweet daddy:) 
I missed my family very much. I am glad that Philip convinced me to go though. I loved seeing these girls and sharing a weekend with them. Much different from when we lived together in the sorority house though :) I am also glad Philip got time to spend with Ainsley and for them to get to bond. I know he loved his weekend with her and she clearly loved it as well :) 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Fun!

It was like we woke up last week and the pages of 'the seasons' were flipped to fall. there was no slow decrease of temperature or an easing out of summertime. Fall just showed up. In all it's wonderful glory. We love fall and personally I am loving the cooler weather. I am also thankful that Ainsley's nogoodverybadweek last week seems to be short lived. or she's taking a break for the moment. either way, she's her happy self again with only a few melt downs when she's tired or hungry. 
We met up with some friends at Boyd's Orchard Saturday morning. It was quite a chilly morning but ended up being a beautiful day. (My heart will always belong to Evan's Orchard and I always feel like such a traitor when I visit another orchard!) Ainsley had such a good time with her friends. She saw the choo-choo (aka train) and was determined to say choo-choo until I let her ride it. I knew she wouldn't ride it by herself and lucky for me my friends decided to ride with me. so yes, all of us crammed into the caboose and rode around the grounds:) She also go to chow into some apple doughnuts and play in the hay and pumpkins. 
eating doughnuts with Kalyn's class pet, Ollie 
pumpkin smuggler!  

Saturday night was Emma Wilhoite's third birthday party! It was a cowgirl theme complete with a hayride, rocking horses and pin the tail on the cow:) Ainsley loves Emma and was so excited to celebrate her! 

Anna Beth awake for the party!!! 

Poor Philip had to work all weekend, again. always missing out on the fun :(
But yesterday we made up for it and took Ainsley to the Cincinnatti Zoo! she LOVES animals and had such a good time. They even had their own choo-choo for her to ride which made her happy. But not as happy as the stuffed cheetah her Daddy bought her as a souvenir. I don't think she has let go of her Cheetah since she got it. She also tries to feed it and give it water before she eats or drinks herself. so cute:) 
did not want to touch the snake. don't blame her a bit... 

on the choo choo! 

chasing the peacock 

We had such a good time. And were thankful for extra hands to help tame the hurricane:) 
Looking forward to some quality family time this week! 
and some more pics because I take so many of them. she is just so fun right now that I am constantly amazed or laughing at the things she does every day. 
i TOLD you all she was struggling last week! 
loves holding ALL her babies 
playground date with Natalie and Mason! 
morning smiles 
off to BSF!