Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Girls Trip

Several months ago some of my friends and I were getting a little cabin fever and decided we needed a girls weekend. to sleep. and get massages. and sleep. 
I suggested French Lick Resort where I had been for my sister in laws bachelorette weekend years before. So we looked it up, booked it, and began dreaming of sleeping all night without being woken up 8 times by various little cries of our children. 

Before our trip Philip gave me an envelope of cash labeled with what to spend it on (dinner, casino, spa). I'm a lucky woman. 
The drive there encountered some construction traffic and desire for snacks, but otherwise no issues. We checked in our room and walked in to find a few treats with a card labeled "Mrs. Overall" waiting for us. My sweet husband had chocolate dipped strawberries and wine waiting for us in our room. And 75 seconds later we had devoured the strawberries and were attempting to open wine bottle (it took us a minute to figure out the cork screw)
Then we freshened up and began a tour of the hotel before our dinner reservations. 
We made reservations at the hotel's steakhouse, deciding we wanted a nice dinner where we could actually chew our food, not have to get up 20 times, or help feed anyone else. The steak was delicious and we were given long stemmed roses at the end of our meal. 
From there we headed to the casino where Philip had instructed me on what I should play. We started at the penny slots, because duh. The slots were my favorite because no one was watching you or pressuring you or making you feel rushed. But because he asked me to, Jordan and I tested out the roulette table. Which who knew that cashing in for "nickels" weren't really nickels, that you couldn't touch the coins, use your cell phone, or heaven forbid take a picture. I was sweating after just 2 spins because I had been reprimanded multiple times for various incidents. 
Jordan, the rebel, snuck a picture
I did however win some money on the "Ellen show" slot machine and of course cashed out and we left shortly after. 

We went to bed much earlier than most people would on a night away- but we all wanted some good sleep. And knowing we would all wake up early anyway,  we made a no talking before 8am rule. 

The next morning we all woke up refreshed and enjoyed laying in bed and not hitting the ground running. We went to a delicious breakfast buffet where we each got multiple plates, and drank our coffee all in one sitting. While it was hot. Pure bliss.  

We had planned to go on a hike but breakfast left us feeling less than energetic so we lounged in our room for a bit, let the sun warm up the outside, then ventured out on a walk. We got to see the other part of the resort, West Baden Springs, and enjoy the brisk sunshine. 

We ended our trip with the spa where we relaxed in the tranquility room, I got a facial, and we all got massages. 
It was a perfect night away spent with some amazing life long friends. I love love love taking care of my family, but I also realize sometimes you need a little break. It was like a recharge to my battery and I am so grateful to have Alison and Jordan in my life. I am also beyond grateful to have a husband who spoils me and takes such good care of me in every way possible. (as in also took one for the team and let Parker cry it out while I was gone- gotta get this boy sleeping better!) 

We decided this would be an annual trip and maybe next year we would stay two nights ;) 

Monday, March 28, 2016


Easter is one of the most under celebrated holidays I think. If you think about what Easter really is- it should be the biggest Christian holiday there is! It's the day our Lord was raised from the dead! The tomb was empty! He defied all earthly logic and fulfilled God's perfect plan. 

We tried really hard to talk about the real meaning of Easter with Ainsley. She did lots of crafts at school that centered around Christ and the Cross, and even made a little booklet called 'Jesus is Alive'. so thankful for her sweet heart and her love she has for God. 

That being said, we did partake in lots of fun Easter Bunny/Egg activities! We started by dying Easter eggs at Nanny Pops house with Anna Beth.  It was not nearly as messy as I anticipated:) 
Then we had an Easter Egg hunt in the Wilhoite Shed because it was freezing out and no one wanted to be outside. the girls had a great time and the older cousins got to enjoy soup and great company:) 
We did Easter with Gramma Joy, Uncle Bri and Aunt Lindsay at our house earlier in the week. I made dinner and Ainsley and Joy had prepared a bunny cake the day before. It was delicious! 
Ainsley's craft at school 
While I went to a "girls night away" (next post) Ainsley stayed the night at Nanny Pops house. She, of course, had a blast. and made sure she packed the most random things in her suitcase to take with her. The next morning their neighborhood had an Easter Egg hunt so Ainsley got to go to the park and rack up on more eggs! 
The Easter Bunny came Saturday night and Ainsley was so excited to come down the steps and see what was in her basket. She actually woke up before Parker for once so she got to enjoy some time with just her and her new things:) Of course she wasn't really impressed with my I-Spy bottle that I loved... i knew she wouldn't be:) 
A family photo is pretty much out of the question, especially on a Sunday morning. but we did good getting these! 
After an awesome church service we went to Mom and Dads for an Easter Egg hunt with Anna Beth (thanks Uncle Bubby for hiding eggs!). We had a delicious lunch that everyone chipped in on but really Mom did most the work:) It was yummy and a bit chaotic with our daughter being a little out of control. 
After lunch Mom and I got to walk off some off our lunch (not all of course) and enjoy the beautiful day. 

So thankful for Christ and what he went through so that we could have a life more beautiful than anything we could ever dream. 
"I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly" John 10:10 

Monday, March 21, 2016

7 months

Today was the first time I almost forgot his monthly birthday! Lack of sleep will do crazy things to your mind :) Good thing he's so cute and lovable! 

height/weight: he didn't go to the Dr this month but our home scale says he weighs 20 lbs.

size: he is in 9 month and some 12 month clothes. wears size 3 diapers and 4 night time diapers at night (having issues with him peeing through at night so still trying to figure this out) 
eating: we can add several new foods to his list this month. He has now had bananas, apples, green beans, zucchini, and pears. and Mum Mums:) So far I have made all of his food, only because I enjoy it:) plus when we are paying for such expensive formula- it makes me feel better to save some money! He takes anywhere from 5-8oz bottles 5 times a day. He stares at you eating food if you eat in front of him. He will be one happy boy when he can partake in a big ol steak. 
sleeping: whew. let's just say that he is all over the place. some nights he sleeps all night (although this is a rare occurrence), some nights he is up every 2-3 hours. Typically, he wakes up right around 7am, take a cat nap- sometimes two- in mornings. He goes down for his afternoon nap around 1 and wakes up around 4/415. He stays awake until bedtime around 745-8. 
I tried to put him in a sleep sack so his arms would be free to find his paci, but I really thinks he loves the confines of his Zipadee so he is going back into that tonight. He's so happy that its hard to be mad at him for keeping me up all. night. long. 
He loves sitting up and reaching for things. 
if you stop feeding him and he's still hungry he grabs his spoon or bowl when you're not looking. 
he loves loves to laugh, especially at his sister 
he is drooling so much that he has to wear a bib at all times
loves to blow raspberries
loves to smack and beat on his toys 
he chews on any and everything 
he is starting to not mind being on his tummy as much and pushing up on his arms 
sissy putting a flower she picked in his hand 

Friday, March 18, 2016

St. Pattys Day

Saint Patrick's Day is a sweet holiday for us. It's a fun day to wear green and do activities with green but also a day to remember my sweet papal. March 17 was his birthday and we always go out to dinner to celebrate him - usually to his favorite restaurant Red Lobster. 
dressed like Grandpa! 
Since we went out to dinner on actual St Pattys day we made our traditional corned beef hash the night before. And since we were making eggs anyway, Ainsley got to have green eggs:) 
making this in cast iron skillet is where it's at
Driving to school I told Ainsley if she didn't have on green people would pinch her. She was very concerned about this and I told her it was just a pretend pinch. She made a green pasta necklace at school and learned about shamrocks. Parker and I enjoyed a nice walk. 
Dinner was great and we had so much fun having papal there in spirit. Ainsley got to pinch Pop and Aunt Ellen because they wore UK blue:)  And then we headed home to cheer on the cats! (ok lets be honest I was asleep before the game even started)