Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hubs turns 33

Philip always says birthdays aren't a big deal to him, don't make a fuss blah blah blah. But as we all know they ARE a big deal to me. So I want him to feel extra special on his day:) 
the balloon she picked out 
He was woken up by Ainsley carrying doughnuts and red bull to him in bed. She also exclaimed "daddy I got you storm trooper Legos!" So much for wrapping that one up:) Parker carried the balloon sissy picked out :) 

We ate doughnuts in bed and then Ainsley insisted on building the Legos she picked out for him. She tried to convince me that daddy wanted frozen Legos and finally settled on Star Wars:) 

That day we just hung out around home, ran some errands, went for a walk, and before nap time ainsley and I made Key Lime Pie for dessert that night. 

We decided to try out this "carnival/fair" going on in the mall parking lot. We weren't sure what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. Ainsley was just tall enough to ride the toddler rides and she LOVED them, even the roller coaster:) we had a blast watching her and riding with her, and Parker was content to look around at all the action. 
She asked Philip to win her the striped bird and he willingly obliged:) she has named him tweety tweeter. 

The 5 of us (tweety had to have a seat too) went to dinner at the Pub. Where we quickly realized dinner with TWO mobile busy kids is not really fun at all. So we might be taking a hiatus from going out to eat for awhile:) 

But we came home, sang happy birthday, and had pie:) 
she insisted her needed sprinkles
Friday night we went on a dinner date to one of Philips favorite restaurants. We both left uncomfortably full on some of the best food we have ever had. 
Love celebrating Philip and the wonderful husband and daddy that he is! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

6 years

Sunday, April 24 2016, we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. We started the morning a little earlier than normal (thank you Parker) but it gave us a few minutes to exchange gifts before the hurricane woke up:) 

The traditional 6 year gift is "iron". I had an iron monogram stamp made that you attach to a lighter and burn initials into woodwork. Philip found me a beautiful iron lock, like you see all over gates in Paris, symbolizing love that never ends.

Oh, and he got me an Ugg robe- which could possibly be the softest , most comfortable thing I have ever owned. So if I make excuses not to leave my house, it's because I'm chillin in my new robe. 

We went to church that morning ( and put Parker in the nursery for the first time!!), played in the back yard for a bit, then after we got the kids down for naps, Gramma Joy came over to babysit. We spent the beautiful afternoon at Kenneland. We told Ainsley we were going to watch the horses race and she kept asking us "well what are you going to play?" I told her we were just going to hang out and talk and she asked "and play a game?" :) 
We left there and had an early dinner at OBC kitchen where we got to enjoy talking, yummy food and relaxing. 

It was the perfect way to spend our day celebrating six happy years together:) 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Special Treat

We have been working on Ainsley staying dry through the night. She has been doing really well during naps and hasn't had an accident during nap time in awhile. So we started trying to work on night time. Each morning we would ask her if she was dry and she would touch her diaper and exclaim " I didn't pee pee in my panties!". So we told her if she went 7 nights, we would take her to Toys-R-Us and she could pick out a "special treat". 

Well Monday morning she woke up dry and I told her when daddy woke up he would take her to pick out her special treat. She was so excited. 

I wanted her to have special time by herself, so I stayed back with Parker. Philip let her roam the aisles and play in the store for awhile.
He was given a $25 limit but you know Philip- I was concerned when he sent me this pic. 
But she picked out a very cute (and sweet) treat. She wanted a grill - like daddy. 
She has loved going out and grilling when daddy grills. Asking "is it time?" when she wants to close the lid. 
And he maybe went a little over the limit and got her princesses too. He said she needed something girly too , and the grill was on sale :) 
So proud of our little girl but so sad she's growing up so fast.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

8 months

Height/weight: he weighs 19.75 lbs and not sure how long he is this month:) too long for 9 month clothes apparently 
Size: he is wearing size 3 daytime diapers and size 4 night time diapers. He is in mostly 12 month clothes! 
Eating/sleeping: this boy clearly loves food. This month we have added prunes, plums and peaches to his list of foods. He has also started puffs and grapes cut up really small. He takes 7-8oz when he wakes up around 630-730, takes a 30-40 min morning nap, eats 2oz fruit, takes 8 oz 1230/1245, goes down for nap, another 6-8oz bottle when he wakes up, 2oz veggie and finger foods at dinner and 8oz before bed around 730/745. 
He has started sleeping through the night again- hallelujah!- just in time for his bottom two teeth to start popping through and totally messing with his sleeping. 
it has taken 8 months but his big sister is finally playing with him:) 
they take baths together and she likes to help wash his hair 
he has started enjoying bath time and kicking and splashing with his hands
he can get up on all fours but is not quite sure what to do after that 
he can sort of scoot backwards but can't crawl forward yet 
he can stretch his arms and roll to get to the toy he is wanting to reach 
he sits in the high chair at restaurants now 
he is a champ at getting puffs and teething wafers in his mouth 
he loves to laugh and is soo ticklish !