Sunday, December 30, 2012


We tried to play MudBowl when my cousins from GA were in this year. It was a little different than normal mudbowls. My dad wasn't supposed to play (but did) because his knee is in such bad shape and he is having it replaced soon. Uncle Rick couldnt play because of his multiple injuries he has suffered this year. Calvin couldn't play because he has injured his back. I obviously couldn't play. Rachel had her family's Christmas. and Philip had to work. man we are all getting old and busy!!! :) 

Despite those that couldn't play, MudBowXX was still on!  and it was successful! although it wasn't mud this year, it was snow:) 
Emma all bundled up! 
Riley being camera shy
After winning catch
finally freed to go see Pop! 

Johnny won best sportsmanship and I am ashamed to say I didnt get his picture holding the signed football! total fail on my part. 

After the game Auntie Jo and the girls made us all lunch and we ate and hung out. I hung out there until it started snowing and then came home just in case:) 

Another successful year of Wilhoite Football! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

It makes me sad to have to say Christmas is over. I have been delaying writing my 'Christmas Recap' because that means it is officially over. so sad. it came and went so fast this year! I think because it never really snowed and was barely even that cold in December. (of course as I write this it is snowing and I am loving every second of it). so the whole weather situation changed the whole feel of Christmas this year. But nonetheless it was a wonderful Christmas. 

We started off with Budde Christmas on Sunday the 23 at Aunt Ellen's. Uncle Neil and Dale were in from PA, Uncle Steve, Aunt Teri, Lindsey and Jeff were in from TX, and then us KY people were all there as well (mom, dad, matt, rachel, aunt ellen and grandma). Before Aunt Ellen's, we went to our church's Christmas Eve service. Mom, Dad and Uncle Steve met us there. 

We had such a great day visiting, snacking and opening presents. And then that night we had a lovely dinner. Ainsley got spoiled (as did Philip and I !) 
pink cowboy boots from the TX crew:)

The next morning we went to Aunt Annie's Christmas Eve Brunch (yum). We got to visit with Aunt Annie's side of the family and stuff ourselves with some delicious food. 

That evening we went to Joy's. We ate more very yummy food and had a great Christmas with Joy and Brian. She always spoils us rotten and Ainsley also got several presents from her Grandma Joy:) We got Joy a new TV so Philip and Brian got it set up her for her before we left. For some reason I didn't get any pictures of our Christmas there :( But we had such a good time. 

We came home and did our Christmas. my favorite one!!! :) 
my sparking cider and Philip's wine
the pet's stockings

Philip got me awesome stocking stuffers and his big present was possibly the best present he has given me. He made me a very nice and big photo album starting with the first time we went out in 2008 and ending with all of my monthly pregnancy pictures and Christmas this year. I cried as we looked through the pages and pictures and reminisced. 
I got him an antique climbing ax signed by Reinhold Messner (a famous climber) for him to decorate his office with. 
Maya with her new toy
Jax and his candy cane bone
We stayed up for a little while looking through my photo album. Then I took a picture frame he got me for the nursery up to the nursery and we sat in the glider for awhile talking. 

The next day we got up (early) to head to Georgetown to celebrate at my parents house. 
family photo
Mom made us breakfast and we ate while we opened our stockings. Then we shared presents and had so much fun :)
We knew something was up because the garage doors were closed, Mom's car was parked outside and Dad's gator and 4 wheeler were parked outside too. well we soon found out why! 
Mom and Dad got us freezers (that we both desperately needed). and a little box that held a piece of paper saying that we were all splitting meat they bought to put in the freezer! we all LOVED IT!!

We hung out there for a little bit with Uncle Steve and Jeffrie. Philip watched his new scuba diving video, Jax got to run on the farm and I maybe fell asleep for just a minute:)

From there we headed to Dana and Kelly's house in Richmond :) Dana had such a good time playing Santa and really outdid himself this year. Especially to Ainsley; she is now set!  We had so much fun snacking and playing:) the boys of course all got toys that they spent the afternoon playing with:)
brian put the remote control to Philip's toy GTR hidden in this maze haha
Putting together his toy helicopter from his dad
We stopped at Waffle House and did our Christmas Act of Kindness (thank you Aunt Ellen for donating!). this year was decaf for me:) this is one of my favorite traditions.

From there we went to Auntie Jo's to have dinner and our gift card exchange. As always, Wilhoite family was filled with laughs and good food and wonderful company.

We came home exhausted but very content and happy. We had such a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed to have such wonderful family that loves us and loves our baby girl so much. Jackson got to go around with us all Christmas day and he was one happy boy when he got home too.

Philip went back to work the day after Christmas and is working 5 in a row to make up for the time he got off before and on Christmas. I was/am pretty sad without him here. Especially since after his overnight shift last night he is having to stay in morehead because the roads are too bad to drive home. I just love it so much when he is home and able to spend time with us. but am also very grateful for his job and the work that he does there.

I hope you all had a very very merry christmas:) 

Friday, December 28, 2012

34 weeks

6 more weeks! I can not believe it. I had a small freak out moment this week at the doctor (more on that in a second). It is starting to get really real! 

size: she is as big as a large cantaloupe. 19-22 inches and could be 5.5 lbs. 
what is going on with her this week: she is probably as long as she will be at this point (thank goodness because she really can't stretch out anymore than she is!). she will continue to gain weight though. Her fat is adding on at a rapid rate at this point (so is momma's!). She is almost 15% body fat!!! (remember when she was just 2%?!) Her brain is also developing rapidly. Her skull is still soft, which will help her fit through my birth canal when she is ready to come out:) 

what is going on with me: not as much puking this week. just the awful nausea. My Dr told me it might be where she is pushing my stomach up and it has nowhere to go so the acids are making me nauseas. She is having me try a different kind of medicine so I am hoping it works. it didnt seem to help last night. 

I am still not sleeping very well, my hips really bother me when I lay on them at night and I just can't get comfortable. I have been having some small contractions but have been trying to hydrate better and that seems to be helping. 

I got a lot done with Ainsley's nursery and even got some of my hospital bag packed this week (just in case!)
at the doctor this week: *this might be TMI for some of you* We saw Dr Karon this week. Philip had to work so I went solo (which was fine they haven't been doing much at the appointments anyway). I talked to her about some of our concerns and questions about delivery and she ended up examining me to check some things out. She said she could feel the baby's head and she was very low (cervix closed though!). I told her that was odd because her feet are still in my ribs. she reminded me how short waisted I am and told me she really just didnt have much room in there. She asked me how big I was when I was born (7lbs4oz) and how big philip was (7lbs3oz) and told me if A was too big she wasn't sure she would fit through my pelvis. soo, we are getting a growth ultrasound on Jan 9 (yay we get to see her!) and will make some decisions after that. I was freaking out when she started talking about inductions and c-sections. I was frantically texting philip as soon as she walked out of the room. SO CRAZY!!! I have decided to not stress or freak out until we get the ultrasound. 

cravings: i didnt crave much this week. just ate a lot of snack food over the holidays. (bad for mom, bad for baby ringing in my head the whole time... thanks to my OB;))