Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring Break '17

Spring Break doesn't mean beach vacations for us (yet) but it does mean lots of family time! Ainsley is out of preschool, BSF is out, and our days are wide open to play. The beginning of the week was super nice and sunny, and luckily we soaked up all the sunshine we could. We played outside , went for walks and enjoyed the Vitamin D. 
Tuesday we really had no plans during the day and when we woke up we decided to take a hike at the Gorge. The kids had never been and we thought it would be fun. We hiked up to Natural Bridge, took the sky lift down and back up, then hiked (carried them) back down. It was for sure a work out for Philip and I, and Ainsley said her legs were "exhausted".
A hike at the Gorge isn't complete without a stop at Miguel's Pizza. Both kids loved the pizza- or maybe they were just that hungry. Maybe that's why the pizza tastes so amazing? 

That night we went to the Stearley's for a cook out. The kids were all running wild and having a great time, as Ainsley serenaded us with a guitar and Parker stuffed his apple into the baseball pitcher.

 Wednesday morning I met some girls from BSF and their kids at Jacobson Park. It was crowded and I may or may not have lost my kids a few times. Each. It happens. They played, fed the ducks, got some scrapes and left happy. 
 Wednesday night crazy storms rolled in and brought cold with it. Philip made it home from work in time to watch the radar while I worked on getting the kids down. 
Thursday we went to the Y, the library, chik fil a and sat by the fire at home. 
Friday we spent the whole day in pjs playing princesses, cars, crafts and games. 
Also this is what Parker does when he's ready to go to bed and you're downstairs getting him some milk. Runs and gets his blanky and waits for you. 
I know one day our spring breaks will look a lot different, but for now I really am loving spending this time with my kids. Well, most the time. Last night I told Philip I had to get out of the house and be by myself for an hour or so and he happily said go:) so I grocery shopped at meijer lol 

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