Monday, March 20, 2017

Life Lately

Well the biggest most exciting thing that has happened is my niece is here! 
Meet Amelia Rae, arriving at 1:31pm, 7lbs 10oz. She is perfect with the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen. 
Anna Beth is smitten (counting her toes and kissing on her). We can't wait for her to be to be running around at Nanny Pops in a princess dress soon:) 
 Parker cut 3 teeth at one time and they finally came through. He was not a happy boy for a few weeks but thankfully he's back to his happy self. 
We celebrated St Patrick's Day by having Ainsley's friend Liam over for a play date. The playroom looked like a tornado, an earthquake and then another tornado ripped through it:) but Ainsley and Liam cleaned the whole room up by themselves! My OCD self had to let them put toys wherever they wanted instead of where they "belong".  
Our sweet little Jack Man had his 3rd birthday party and it was Super Hero themed. All the kids ran around in capes and masks at The Little Gym and had a great time. I think Parker had the best time.  
The weather has been crazy bouncing back and forth between snow flurries and sunshine, but we have enjoyed being outside when we can and curling up by the fire when we can't! 
   March madness is in full effect- our household is cheering Go Cats Go!!

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Rachel Wilhoite said...

Yay for more cousins! By the way ... A girl after my own heart in that fireplace picture. She's got quite the set up on cold days! Next time I want a spot next to her ;)