Wednesday, April 19, 2017

KK's Birthday Trip

One of Ainsley's best friends, Kalyn (KK) wanted to take 2 of her friends to great wolf lodge for her birthday, in lieu of a birthday party. It just so happens that Alison, Jordan and I are all best friends too;) 
Sunday afternoon after the baby brothers went down for a nap we loaded my car up and took off for Mason, OH! 
The car ride there was full of questions about when we would reach the tunnel, how much longer, and screaming contests. They were so excited when we finally made it and couldn't wait to get to the water park. 
We all left our phones in the hotel room so we didn't get any pictures playing inside. But the girls were much braver than we thought they would be. They did all the big slides , but refused to go down the one that "swirled you around the toilet bowl" again. We ordered pizza and ate inside the water park so the girls could get right  back to playing after dinner. 

That night we all put on our pajamas and hung out in the room eating junk food. 
There were 3 beds so we all slept with our daughters which was fun and not that restful :). The girls shouted good night to each other at least 10 times. Ainsley was the first one awake at 645 and keeping her quiet was a task I did not do successfully. I went and got everyone coffee and doughnuts and we were waiting for the doors to open to the water park:) 
They ran out of steam quick so we packed up, grabbed some lunch and they all passed out in the car within minutes. Ainsley slept about 20 minutes and then was up. So her and I were the only two awake on the trip home :) 
We were all tired but had a great time. We loved the one on one time we got to spend with our girls, since we all have younger sons too. 

Parker and Philip had a great time doing boy things back home:) 
Happy Birthday Sweet KK!!! Thank you for letting us celebrate you in such a fun way! 

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Rachel Wilhoite said...

That is too adorable! Looks like they had a good time :)