Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend(s)

We started celebrating Easter last weekend with an egg "hunt" and egg dying party! A church across the street from us was having an egg hunt and so mom, dad, Matt & all his girls, JC &a Emma all came to our house. We walked over to the church and since it was so cold that morning they moved it inside. The kids scrambled to fill their baskets with eggs (well Parker almost got trampled) , then we walked home to color eggs. 
Aunt Rachel had a very fun way of dying the eggs, with shaving cream! I wouldn't let Parker near it but the girls had a great time doing it:) 

Ainsley had an egg hunt at school too. She was in a mood to be attached to my hand and Parker unfortunately was in the mood to not be- so I had two very unhappy children at the hunt but luckily it didn't last long and Ainsley ended up having a good morning at school with her friends. 
On Easter Day we met Aunt Ellen at church (thankfully she was early and saved seats in the packed house!). Then we headed to mom and dads for an egg hunt in the basement (it was raining) and for a delicious lunch. My kids would not stand still and smile for a picture. And a family picture was out of the question apparently. 
The kids had a blast and we loved watching them. 
and getting our bellies full:) 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! 

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