Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentines Day several times:) Saturday night Mom invited all of us up for dinner and so I took the kids there to spend the day since Philip was working all weekend. They had so much playing at the shed, making doughnut holes at Auntie Jos, and playing at nanny pops. 
The kids made Valentines for Philip, Ainsley learned how to cut out a heart from construction paper and was so proud of herself. 
Philip had to leave for a conference on actual Valentine's Day, so when Ainsley and I came in Monday night from gymnastics we were greeted by some beautiful flowers and a sweet card for each of us. She insisted on carrying her flowers everywhere. She watched her movie with them, we breakfast with them, etc. so sweet! 
Ainsley celebrated at school by passing out Valentines to each student and getting one back. she was so happy when i picked her up, clutching her bag she made, exclaiming "mommy look at all my goodies!" 
That night we went to the Stearley's for dinner. We have celebrated this holiday with them multiple times. Ainsley and I made "pink princess popcorn" to take. 
It was a very love filled day and weekend for us. :) 

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