Tuesday, February 21, 2017

18 months

Happy half birthday to my favorite little boy!!! I am seriously smitten with my little Pman. His smile and mischievous giggle makes my heart want to explode. I kiss his cheeks off every chance I get. 
26.6 lbs (81%) 
31 inches (they messed up %) 
48.5cm OFC (80%) 
Size: he is in 18 or 18-24 month clothes. He wears a size 5 shoe. He wears size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 at night. 
Physical: he is another blue eyed blonde haired Overall.
He has had 3 haircuts. He has 8 teeth on top and 5 on bottom. 
Eat/sleep: he eats any and everything. He wakes up around 7 (give or take 30 minutes usually), naps 1230-330ish, and goes to bed 730/745pm. He sleeps in his sleep sack, with his paci and blanky. He takes 6-7 oz milk before nap and before bed. He loves putting his food in his hair and throwing it at my head. 
New things
He LOVES balls more than anything 
He loves to be outside. He stands at the door pointing all day. 
He isn't talking as much we we'd like but he'll get there:) right now he says mama, ball, and dada (inconsistency). He signs more, please, thank you, and down. 
When he's tired he lays face down on his blanky on the floor in his room. 
He goes and grabs a wipe, blows his nose, and hands you back the snotty wipe (good job buddy!) 
He loves books and constantly is bringing one to me, plops in my lap and wants it read to him. 
He "gives hugs" by laying his head on your shoulder. 
His injury count is climbing as he cut open his eyelid this past week. So now he's had a staple, stitches, and multiple bumps and bruises :/ 
Which leads me to- he loves to climb. And has no fear or sense of danger (couldn't we have had one cautious child?!) 
I am so grateful for you sweet boy <3 bruises, scrapes and all. 

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