Friday, June 16, 2017

Camping, Dancing

Monday night we had our first Wilhoite cousin camping trip! My cousin Tiffany and her kids are visiting from GA and Matt and my dad put together such a fun night of camping way back on the Wilhoite farm. We all went back for a bonfire and roasted hot dogs; had dinner and hiked around. Parker (we deemed him Pig Pen) was filthy and so happy. Then when it was Millie and Parker's bedtime, all of the "big girls" left and Matt, Philip, JC and Dad were left to camp with the 6 kids. Ainsley kept getting off her cot to check on her glowsticks that Philip made her leave outside the tent.   And Anna Beth slept in the tent with Makayla, Tyndall and Emma (I still can't believe this). Matt said Ainsley was the kid that wouldn't stop talking lol 
In true Matt fashion, at 6am on the dot, he flung open his truck doors and played trumpets blaring. Ainsley slept through the entire thing and no one could believe it. Ainsley had a great time and has been taking about it nonstop. It makes me so happy she is making memories, with her cousins, on the farm, the same way I did when I was her age. I wish my Grandma could see it, it would make her so happy. 
camping in the playroom!  

Thursday night, Ainsley started "preschool dance" class. She has been asking to take ballet and I was hoping she would change her mind but she was insistent. This class is ballet for the first half and tap for the second. I have to admit she looked so cute, even with her butt cheeks hanging out (she wouldn't wear tights). She seemed to really enjoy it. Whitney has convinced me ballet is a good thing for her :) Regardless, I will always be on the sidelines taking pictures, videos and blowing kisses back. 
Yay summertime!!! 
girls night!  

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