Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Michigan Trip

We originally planned to go to Michigan in August. But when papa and grandma sold their lake house, we really wanted to go and stay there before they moved out. Papa had the lake house built 30 years ago, and it's full of lots of wonderful memories for Philip. We've been lucky to go there several times as a couple, as a family of 3 and now as a family of 4. It's one of those houses that always has open arms and wraps you in a hug as soon as you pull in the winding driveway. 

The drive wasn't bad- Parker spotted every single water tower and would exclaim "wa wa toow!". Kid has hawks eyes for these things. We got there Thursday evening and they had ham loaf waiting for us. (This is one of my favorite meals and I heard a rumor Joy has now learned how to make it. Hellloo birthday meal for me ;)) We ate dinner on the porch and let the kids burn off some energy. 

Friday we went to the Binder Park Zoo, since most people had to work that day. Taylor came with us and we had great weather and a really good time. The kids loved the animals and Parker loved the "train" to Africa. Ainsley said the cheetahs were her favorite. 

That night we got pizza and most everyone came over to eat and hang out. Ice cream for dessert, of course. 

The next day we went to South Haven to the beach. The beach at the lake was different; there were rocks instead of shells, and the sand was minimal. The water was really cold, and Parker stayed in until his lips were blue and he was uncontrollably shaking. It was a good day and we picnicked before we went home. Later that afternoon, Carol and I snuck away and got a very relaxing and much needed pedicure and coffees. 

Sunday we had a big brunch at Ted and Carols and then played in the pool and on the trampoline. The boys went shooting while we hung out and relaxed. That evening we took the kids down to the lake and let them play. Parker was in absolute heaven and had a blast. 

And a trip to Papa and Grandmas wouldn't be complete without a bath in their whirlpool tub! 

All weekend Philip would tell me stories from being at that house. Of when he was little, of time with his cousins, and just snippets he will always remember. We made many sweet memories while we were there. And driving away from that house was hard for Philip. I know it holds so many memories for him and I'm happy we are a part of several of those. 

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